Monday, January 26, 2009

I was away for a few days

Went to Georga to visit my other Grandkids for a few days, I hope to be back to posting stuff real soon

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Authorized Journalist and Authorized News agencies.

If Adolf Hitler had the same press coverage as osamaobama had during his campaign, we would be speaking German and goose-stepping starting 20 Jan 2009. I truly believe just from watching the Authorized Journalist/news agencies for the last 2 dam years that they were the one who elected osamaobama instead of the people.

What…OH yes the Authorized Journalist and Authorized News Agencies are the ones who feel that there is no valid news to be found in Blog’s, Message Boards, Forums, and Web Pages, and they feel that the only ones who should be Authorized to report the news they want you to hear is they themselves. Aka, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and yes even FOX news sometimes.

There was an attempt by a few of these news agencies a few years ago to stop all other possible news sources like Blogs, Forums ect. from posting anything sighting that only they were authorized and educated enough to report what the American Citizen should be told. I don’t think it went over well with the Judges sense we are still here, but I would keep an eye on this sense they have appointed our new leader for us and some in his staff are sure against free speech and press.

You ever notice how the news agencies bring experts into any thing they want you to believe? Did you notice that they were just about all white until osamaobama got elected then they miraculously found a whole shit pot full of Black Experts? Most times the experts the news brings in are not really experts on the subject at hand, some times they are called an expert because he happened to take a vacation in South Africa during Apartide and got to see a real shanty up close. Even though he has a degree in meteorology he is automatically an expert in sociology, race relations and apartide.

This brings me to another point it would seem that the Authorized Journalist should never be questioned in what and how they report, Sherman set the way back machine for a few years ago when an Authorized Journalist was reporting on the Iraq war and just how bad our Armed forces were treating the freedom fighters that came to Iraq to help it’s brother nation in its fight against the illegal invading American Army. It seems that he never left his Motel room during the whole time he was in Iraq, but yet gave very detailed accounts of the atrocities our troops were committing. He even interviewed an Al Qaeda leader that had been compelled to come to his room for the interview.

About the same time frame in another part of that shit hole over there, was a Authorized Reporter for I believe Riters that had Photographed an American Missal part that had not been completely destroyed in its detonation within a innocent village in Pakistani, when we shelled it. Well it was not a Missal part at all but seemed to be a Howitzer shall from some where close to a 155mm Howitzer. After further investigation of the shell by others and I even did some looking at it too. It was concluded with about a 95% certainty that it was a left over round from the Former Soviet Union occupation of Afghanistan.

Its color markings were not American, The metal band that actually adheres to the rifling in the Howitzer was steel and not brass as America uses, the size was closer to a 152mm round and not a 155. And at the time we were not operating in that area or even close to it, but there was a lot of activity in that immediate area and the village was even shelled back then during the Soviet Unions occupation of Afghanistan.

Sherman set the way back machine for a few years ahead …2008 A reporter for I believe it was NBC had reported on the atrocities of seal hunters during the seal hunt that happens off Newfoundland every year. Oh just how cruel the hunters were and the sight of the blood and carnage was beyond belief, never had she witnessed such a wholesale slaughter of precious life as this. Well it seems this Authorized Journalist had not witnessed it at all she wrote her piece of the slaughter and after math from the comforts of her apartment in N.Y. The only reason she got caught was because Canada had postponed the seal hunt for a few weeks. But she was right on time with her article.

There are way to many examples of Authorized Journalists and their supporting news groups reporting only one side of the story, and that is the side they want you to believe. We see it all the time in the pro gun community, it cannot be stupidity that they still call something an assault rifle when there has been so many people correct them on it. They are simply sensationalizing the news to sell not their news groups but rather their point of view. Many in the news groups we see on T.V. every day have an agenda and that agenda is to get people to fearing something so that it may be banned or restricted like personal owned weapons.

If you really want to know who owns America look into the news groups, if you want to know who owns the news agencies then just dig a little deeper. I’ll give you a hint on one news group who owns it and controls it. George Soros seems to come to mind. Don’t forget the news groups in America say the semi automatic rifle sprays thousands of rounds a minute, so you should believe then and get one to replace your garden hose with.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ghetto Silencers for survival.

Let me first say, that at no time have I ever had, tested, or made one of these Ghetto Silencers. Without the proper tax stamp they are illegal to have, own or use, even for testing purposes. This is for personal knowledge only and in no way is to incurrage anyone into making this or having sex without proper protection.

In some movies you can see people making or using some form of what is commonly called A Silencer, which is a miss-leading term. There is no such thing as a silencer sense they do not completely silence any gun. They are properly referred to as Noise Suppressers. Even the best-built and expensive ones only filter the noise by about 40% dry and wet they will suppress around 50 to 60%.

A Ghetto Suppresser I will talk about here will only suppress about 30 to 40% of the noise dry and if wet, you may get another 5 %.

List of needed items.
1. Small soda bottle with lid, brand is your preference (I like Dr. Pepper myself)
2. Small hand drill with drill bit just about 1/32nd smaller then the outside dia. Of your gun barrel.
3. Roll of Duct Tape, Cameo is better then the sliver, buy the dark green or black if you can get it.
4. A bag of Styrofoam peanuts, (these do not hold water, so not a good wet suppresser) Note 1.
5. A good .22 rifle, I prefer a bolt-action sense there is no mechanical actions of the ejection to make more added sound.

Start by washing the soda bottle and cap out and making sure they are dry before making this Ghetto suppresser.

Mark center of soda bottle cap and bottom of soda bottle. Use drill and bit to drill a hole in the cap as close to center as possible and the bottom of your soda bottle.

Force soda cap onto the end of your rifle barrel all the way up against the front sight or if you don’t have a front sight then about an inch on. If you need to ream the cap a little be careful sense you want as tight a fit as possible.

Fill soda bottle with the Styrofoam peanuts (Note 1.)

Use duct tape to secure bottle cap to barrel of rifle and don’t be stingy with the tape you need it to stay on there.

Screw bottle on to cap and align as close as possible.

Test fire if possible to make sure the hole in the bottom of the bottle is aligned with the path of the bullet.

And there you have it.

Note 1. Other material may be better then Styrofoam Peanuts like cotton, or very light and fine steal wool. I would prefer the fine steal wool myself if I knew how to make one of these and was going to do so.

Always remember that we must be law abiding even thought the Federal Government does not have to.


P.S. The accuracy of these is lessened sense the bullet passes through the material you use. So if one was to make something like this and I have no idea why anyone would need it, then be sure to test fire it some to see if your hitting on target.

P.P.S. I do not support the breaking of any law at this time. Nor do I condone the making of this item sense it is illegal to do so.

Osamaobama day

Today is osamaobama day, which will be; remember by many in our country and other countries around the world. It probably will become a national holiday, sense it is no less then a large milestone in our culture. Though I will remember this day for about 5 minutes and that is all, others will remember it for their life times.

What I will remember though is what he does while in his reign as emperor of America. Not only am I concerned about his insane anti gun agenda but also his wish for a social-ist government where only the government can decide for the governed. Or should I change it to a stronger language such as “where only the royalty can decide for the surfs.”

Will we see the suspension of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as we know them? It is possible but then again it was possible with any president we have had sense our founding as a nation. It is a risk we will take with any president. However we know this one does not like our current Constitution or Bill of Rights. For the democrats that now control the House, Senate, Congress and the White House no power is to large or to small for them.

With power comes control, then usurpation of authority. Nothing new here sense every president and legislature has usurped his/her authority for many long years and we should be use to it by now.

Alas no matter what laws or orders are given by our rightful lords and rulers who have assumed they are the only ones who can rule us Americans and keep us in line. I shall refuse to follow any I think are just wrong. They might be able to through away our real Constitution and Bill of Rights, replacing them with a new modern version of social-ism but they can never take our founding documents out of me.

If they remove the Second Amendment I shall continue to teach it as our GOD given right. If they outlaw that then I become an outlaw, and not subject to their rules and laws. If they get rid of the first Amendment as will have to happen in some form or other, I shall continue to speak my mind, Believe in the GODS I choose and warship them accordingly, I shall continue to write the truth as I see it. And the only options our rulers have is to shut the fu_k up and go away or shoot and kill either way I don’t got to put up with them.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Here is my wish list for a bug out bag and why.

A camel pack with water (no reason needed)
3 day supplies of MRE’s if possible (no reason needed)
A medical kit that includes normal bandages, antiseptic, Alcohol swabs, adhesive Butterfly sutures and medical super glue (because most people cannot stick their selves with a needle to sow up a wound and most are squeamish of sticking others,) 90-day supply of needed medications.
One small to medium folding knife with sharpen stone, good skinning knife.
One all purpose tool it comes with a shovel head an axe head and a saw head they are changeable as is needed.
One extra pair of cloths, (long sleeve shirts) you can always make them into short sleeves, pair of socks x 2.
One pair long johns
One good coat
One good fire starter kit put together with, Waterproof matches, Bic lighter, flint and steel or its equivalent, plus a small amount of light tender that will light easily.
Rain poncho
Small lightweight 2 person tent if room permits.
One AR-7 with 200 rounds of ammo. (The AR-7 folds into the butt stock for easy storage and one can add a scope to it, The ammo is light weight and takes up little room)
100 feet +/- Para shoot cord
One to two space blankets. They are good for keeping the chill off you and if you attach then to the inside of your poncho they will help in thwarting some image scanning detection devices.
One roll of dark colored duct tape. (Be sure to tape up any metal that can cling, clang, or bang around making sounds you don’t need.)
Optional but desirable, small cooking pots and skillet, from a camping supply’s store. A few spices like salt, pepper.

Other options will depend on where I am going, how much room, and weight I still got, and what is there. Such as fishing line and hooks, if I am headed to a place where there is no place to fish I will not take one.

If a SHTF is just until normalcy of society can get back into operation this will keep you for the most part until it is OK to return to civilization.

If a SHTF is in the form of a civil war, mass insurrection, invasion by some foreign body, then the AR-7 will serve as a means to acquire better weapons more powerful for use, and to hunt small game.

This is all in one bag that would go with me everywhere I went. If a place does not allow personal weapons they won’t really know it is in the bag but if they would be inspecting bags I sure will not go there. Like the Mall, or courthouse, or anyplace that I cannot carry my weapon in.

Most people say they will head to the hills, but do you really know already where and how to safely get there? Do you know the quickest route that will not attract attention? Do you have enough fuel in your vehicle at all times to get to where you need to go? Where are you going to dump the automobile at if it is an armed aggression you are running away from then one would not want something as big as an auto where your making camp at. To easy to spot and detect, leave it someplace else, and go the rest of the way on foot.

Be sure to wipe any trail you leave behind, stay below any ridges or hill tops, your outline can be seen easily. I will not ware any type of clothing that can be miss construed as military in nature, if you headed to the hills ware clothing that is light brown or tan, make the colors miss match shirt darker then the pants or vice versa.

There are things I might add to my bug out bag, if weight permits. If I need to bug out I will be doing so in a hurry and taking 70 lbs of crap will slow you down. Avoid carrying a weapon openly if possible, should the armed aggression happen the military/police units will be watching from affair with some type of device, if they see some one walking in the woods unarmed they more then likely will leave you along. But if they see a military type weapon in your arms at the ready they will just simply send one 20mm round down range and then go collect the weapon.

I will have my .45 with me because I already carry it at all times so if I need to fire a few shots to get my ass out of trouble it is ready and hidden on me with easy access. This is just the way I look at it all.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who is Iansa

Iansa is an acronym for The International Action Network on Small Arms, it is headed by the notorious Rebecca Peters whom some may remember as the driving force behind the handgun ban, confiscations and tighter restrictions instituted in Australia.

One can read about Rebecca Peters by clicking on her name, but I will give a short recap here. Rebecca Peters is a chairperson for the (Australian based) National Coalition for Gun Control. Before her involvement Rebecca Peters was a member of the Open Society Institute that was created by George Soros, the noted anti-gunner and financier of many anti-gun groups in America.

Iansa is the leading and driving force behind the anti-gun movement in the world. They are closely associated with the U.N. (United Nations). The U.N. maintains that it has no desire to attempt to outlaw gun ownership in any country. The question that must be asked here is, gun ownership for whom?

Iansa has made no bones about its stand on private gun ownership by American citizens. With groups supporting Iansa’s stance such as,

Amnesty International - USA
Coalition To Stop Gun Violence - USA (CSGV)
Firearm Injury Center - Medical College of Wisconsin
Franciscans International
Join Together
Legal Community Against Violence (LCAV)
Million Mom March / Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Barbara Frey (individual) This said anti-American has over looked the fact that many nations in the world already have in place strict gun control and all it has done is lead to human rights violations by there very government, to include Genocide in many nations. This link is about this slime bag un-American bitch, and her deceptive attempt to rid America of it’s right to own guns.
You can read all about Barbara Frey at the link below.

Here is a full list of Genocide committed and most all the nations had strict Gun laws preventing the citizens from owning guns for self-defiance.

These are but a few of the groups, originations and people who support Iansa with actions and monetary contributions. A few names missing on the list and that is known contributors to Iansa are George Soros and the Joyce Foundation

Iansa’s insistence on total disarmament of civilians in every country has vast repercussions in the arena of Genocide. Some of the countries were conducting Genocide before the creation of Iansa and they can hardly be blamed for something they were not around for. But if we take a close look at some of the countries that have impacted by Iansa’s direct work toward citizen disarmament we can see it has an effect of present and future Genocide.

Most of the nations conducting Genocide today and the citizen population restricted from owning weapons for personal protection are in Africa and South America. If Iansa has its way no country will have any private gun ownership except for personal security body guards, police and Military, But According to Iansa even these 3 groups will have to store their weapons in approved government storage facilities.

What does Iansa have to do with America? Well America is one of its main targets and as of 2007 North America (United States and Canada) has an 8% membership in Iansa. Of these members many are in semi important possessions, such as University Professors who influence and teach their own version of what we should be. I suspect even some of our state and federal legislature is also members. There are to many likenesses of anti gun policies between some of our people in our legislature and Iansa for it to be simple coincident.

Why would we have to worry about Iansa and the U.N.? Well this osamaobama administration is very U.N. friendly, anti gun, and the cabinet member who will head Americas representation in the U.N. is not friendly toward private gun ownership.
I may do some more on this group soon.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

No gloom and doom saying today

While today may not be a day of celebration for many in our country and especially gun owners who are faced with tough times with the incoming administration. It is nonetheless a day of calibration for me. My oldest Granddaughter turns 13 today and in this wonderful 13 years she has given me some of the most joyful memories of my life.

She has adamantly called her self a tween for the last 2 years, and now refers to herself as a teen. Graduation is always something to celebrate. Now just what does this have to do with guns, well sense she has decided she want to learn to hunt and shoot she will be getting her first .22 rifle and if all goes well next weekend she and I will be going to the range.

I would of got it for her a few years ago but she needed to make her decision as to when she was ready. Not only is gun ownership an important responsibility, hunting is as well. These decisions should never be taken lightly in life. We have talked about it a lot and she feels she is ready and I believe she is too.

Though I tend to think back to when she was little, and smile a lot at the things she said or did, I cannot keep her as a child for ever and knowing she is growing up and has to grow up. I try and make it a learning experience for her and myself.

If things work out well for me I will get her an overunder 20 gage some time this summer. For her graduation from Jr. High and teach her how to shoot skeet.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Animal rights and guns

Animal rights activist groups such as Animal Liberation Front (ALF), Humane Society United States (HSUS), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (peta), Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), and a few smaller ones have never supported your right to own guns.

All vehemently appose any hunting which has been a GOD given right sense the dawn of man. There basic feeling is that if guns could and would be only used to wipe humans off the face of the earth and never used against animals that would be fine with them. Not only are they for giving equal rights to animals that we humans fought for they would have humans removed from existence of possible.

Just a few facts here about the side groups above,

The FBI considers the AFL as a domestic terrorist group, they advocate violence to force everyone into ending meet consumption, to end medical testing to help find cures, and end hunting.

HSUS is not the Humane Society of America nor is it affiliated with it. They used deception in their name to get people to think they were the Humane Society of America so they would get donations. They are the richest two-bit horses ass-kissing group in existence some place around 150 million dollars a years donated to them.

peta I refuse to capitalize their name or acronym, has never been about saving animals but rather about the removal of humans in the equation. Peta has around a 93-96% euthanasia policy and they follow through with it, where animals are concerned. Each year peta will kill 93-96% of the animals they take in, even healthy ones. Through their own admission they are not a charitable shelter for animals.

PCRM is a peta front group disguised as Doctors of Medicine, looking at their tax records and financial records you find a direct connection to peta. What’s more is the founder of peta Ingrid Newkirk was also the president of PCRM at one time. Neal Bernard the supposed medical Dr. running this ill begotten group was Ingrid’s lover in the past but may not be now. PCRM has never done research of their own, but prefer others to do the work and taking their work and twisting the finding to fit the anti meat agenda.

I might post a little more on these supposed do gooders sense they do effect our rights to hunt, own guns and eat what we want. For some good info on animal rights groups go to

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Radical advocates of violence

In just the last 2 months I have read more stuff on where gun owners should draw the line and what they should do. Some open condemnations of people who are tired of it all and are ready to defend our right with force. Well I think about that condemnation a lot because it just does not seem right to condemn people who are tired of being told what they can and cannot do.

Not so very long ago we Americans would of taken up arms and put a stop to any attempts at usurping authority in government and leading us toward a world social-ism. Today I see less willing to give up their comforts of a lazy boy recliner, a six pack of bud light while watching the latest of American idiot I mean idol to fight something wrong in government. Now before you go off and say your not like that let me say I already know and some actually do their part as best as they can.

But this about something else but related in a way, acceptance of deadly force as a means of change. Back during the 60’s we saw the rise of many radical groups, and if we look further we can find then back in the 40’s and 50’s. Many of these groups advocated violence to achieve their desired results. The weatherman underground, black panthers, and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). These are but a few, and are a simple cross section of examples.

Now some or all of these groups, (if they have anyone left from the 60’s) will tell you that they were peaceful, but history does not bare them out on that. They openly advocated deadly force, which today we call terrorism to force their sense of warped views on the government and the people of this nation. What is really sad is that most Americans suck up to them and accepted their violence as the only way they could get their word across to the country.

Even today we see Americans excepting the advocates of violence and destruction as their leaders in our government, and/or as authority figures for Americans to follow. This is OK in their eyes sense they were fighting for their rights and place in society. Now if you or I advocate violence to protect our rights we are labeled as subversives, terrorists, and many other names they can think to call us.

We got people actually patting Bobby Rush on the back for submitting his anti American and anti rights gun bill to congress (H.R. 45.) For any that do not know who Bobby Rush is let me recap for you.

Founder of shitcago’s Black Panther Party in1967, this party advocated violence to force social-ism as the standard American government, strong supporters of the Second Amendment back then because they could arm themselves against the police powers. After the big fray in the 60’s was over the black panthers effectively melted into society. Some to resurface as political figures that will beside for you what they want you to believe.

Even though they have a known history of terrorism and calling for a social-ist government they are looked on as Heroes by far to many people. Bobby rush had no problem supporting the Second Amendment up until his 29 year old son was shot and killed in 1999, his son Huey was killed by a robber in front of their home in Oct. 1999, sense then Bobby Rush has been the poster child for gun control and citizen disarmament.

He like so many other place blame on the object and not the criminal in society. I think we can find another sad sack of shit just like this (Sarah Brady comes to mind). The bad part is Rush is not only a supporter of citizen control but a social-ist as well.

I would hope that many of us would write our reprecenitives and demand that they appose this piece of citizen control. I know I sure am, and not only the one from my district but everyone of them, along with my state which I will call for them to submit, support and pass a binding state law forbidding any outside attempts to subjugate the American citizens of their rights.

Maybe we could ban together as a gun rights advocacy group, we could call our selves FirearmsTalk for gun rights, or FirearmsTalk for the Second Amendment something like that and flood congress with official site letters/emails of protest or support of a bill. We simply post a vote and members vote to support or protest a bill then someone who is articulate and can use candor writes the letter/email to congress. We can also send an brief to courts asking them to appose or support something. We do have a rather large membership so it is not like a few just speaking out.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yesterday there was no post

Sense it is my Range day I choose to go to the range for a while and take a rest from posting. Sense the weather has not been likeable for range time on mondays for a while I took the first opertunity and went.


H.R. 45 the first anti gun/anti rights bill of the year

Rep. Bobby Rush, 1st District, Illinois Congress, Even though not a osamaobama cabinet member is nothing short of a terrorist piece of shit. This pile of human waist is the former Black Panther leader and advocated socialism as our government not to mention the use of terror tactics as a way to achieve them.

He has found a new messiah to follow, the light worker. With his cool aid drinking blind followship of osamaobama he has introduced to Congress its first anti gun/anti rights bill of the year. H.R. 45 who would of thought it would of came from a fly infested shit hole from Illinois Surprise…surprise…surprise.

Or maybe not so surprising sense the shitcagoens are untrust worthy of looking at a gun let alone ever owning on. They are pulling on their own tally whackers to find a reason to stop you from owning them as well. Warning…this in no was depicts the rest of Illinois just the brain dead socialists that live in one of the many cesspools of change.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Osamaobama’s cabinet #5

Number 5 on the shit for brains osamaobama’s cabinet list is rahm emanuel, this piece of over dried dog dung is rated F by the NRA. He is a sworn enemy of the free American people. His voting record on gun issues leaves nothing to guess on his socialist stance. Looking at his other votes on other issues he fits right into the communist control of everyone and everything. Not much else to say about this turd that floats off society.

Please flush twice on the way out the sewage is a long ways away.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

osamaobama's cabinet #4

I tend to think that Eric Holder will be The worst enemy of Americans in the history of the American government. Once affirmed as U.S. Attorney General. He will be given broad powers to decide what types, calibers, functionality, cosmetic appearances, and capacities of weapons we may be allowed to own. This power will first come from the president as an executive order, which is law regardless of the Supreme Court. As a stopgap until formal laws can be instituted through Congress. (As the will of the people) and (for your own good).

He will establish a registration and licensing of all weapons and peoples owning them. He will sit up a harsh ammo-buying program where gun owners will have to register for each box of ammo, and each bullet will be serial numbered and accounted for in the box.

He will do this under the guise of we are still allowing you your rights as the Supreme Court says. But we are placing reasonable restrictions IAW the Supreme Court. Most of the banned weapons on his list will be semi-auto loading weapons at first. Sense he will class them as assault weapons and not needed to hunt with. Surprisingly or maybe not so surprisingly the first list he produces will look a hell of a lot like the list in the H.R.1022. Some bolt actions will be added to the list a little bit later, sense they are sniper rifles and we just don’t need that types of military weapons.

He will slip in the ban on armor piercing ammo, which he will proceed to list most of the common rounds used for hunting and long range target shooting. On his list of calibers he will ban will also include any size .30 cal and above. He will over ride any state law regarding carry concealed and forbid it all together except for LEA’s.

At first Holder will place in action laws requiring you to store all weapons in approved storage containers (gun safes) in your home. There will be a grandfather clause allowing you to keep what you got for the time being. But look for that to change within a year of his first ban going into effect.

In order to enforce this the president will give a broader power to the Gestapo (BATFU) to over see and insure that American slaves are in compliance and they will not need any warrants to open your door at home to enter anytime they please to check. After all if you’re a law-abiding citizen you have nothing to fear.

Holder is counted among one of the biggest pieces of shit on the face of the earth.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Osamaobama’s cabinet #3

Billery Klinton is no stranger to interpretation our rights to mean what she wants them to mean. As then president klinton’s not so main squeeze, and long before she had ideas of just how to revamp our rights. One thing she was very found of was the idea of government raising your children for you.

The early belief of that all children should be removed from the home and raised in a government facility was one of her core beliefs. Later this turned in to the “it takes a whole village to raise a child.” (Hers excluded) This was less scary of a proposal sense it seemed to mean your child would be close at hand, but don’t bet on it.

Her disdain for private gun owner ship is nothing less then disrespect for our rights all together. Her extreme socialist views like taking things from you for your own good is paramount to declaring all citizens as subservient to the elite in society.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Osamaobama’s cabinet #2

Commissar biden has never been a friend of gun owners at all, He supports one of the worst voting records in gun rights to come along in many long years. This chicken shit would not even join our military and do his duty to our country. I just wander how he avoided the draft to begin with.

Let us not even look at how he believes about the rest of the bill of rights should or should not apply to the rest of us low life’s. Here is but a sample of his past voting record on gun issues.
Keep assault weapons ban; close gun show loophole. (Apr 2007)
Voted NO on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers. (Jul 2005)
Voted NO on banning lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence. (Mar 2004)
Voted YES on background checks at gun shows. (May 1999)
Voted NO on more penalties for gun & drug violations. (May 1999)
Voted NO on loosening license & background checks at gun shows. (May 1999)
Voted NO on maintaining current law: guns sold without trigger locks. (Jul 1998)
Rated F by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun control voting record. (Dec 2003)

But sense biden is a product of the politburo No Political Leach Left Behind we are now stuck with this shit bag for at least 4 years as vice president. There is one good thing we can say about this human waist and it is at least he did not vote present for 90% of the things he had to vote on.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

osamaobama’s Cabinet

Looking over the names of the members of osamaobama’s cabinet I see a lot of trouble in the near future for Gun Owners, and some rights in general. I will list them and explain why I feel this way.

President = osamaobama, well we know his stance on peoples rights to keep and bar arms. And that is you don’t have a right. All the way up to the Supreme Court ruling osamaobama was against any form of private gun ownership except for the elite and rich. Some of his early Dog doo-doo spewing forth from his mouth was such things as “total ban on all hand guns, assault weapons and large bore rifles.

These large bore rifles were any that had the power to penetrate a bullet proof vest of LEA’s which included just about ever rifle round that exists. He supported the complete ban on all semi-auto, pump action, and lever action weapons. The only thing he openly would allow us peasant to even come close to owning was single shot, double barreled, or bolt actions with limited capacity of rounds.

These weapons that the Messiah would allow us low life’s in his society would have to be kept in a Government armory. No not a Government approved storage container in your home, but a real Government Armory that would be placed at conspicuous points within a state and if you wanted to and could afford the ammo plus had the blessings of his majesty osamaobama could go there and check out the weapon, take it to the range and shoot it. This included any of the banned weapons that were owned prior to his ban taking place.

Not one weapon was to be kept in the home, and surly not on the person or in your car. You say But-But I can’t find any of this on his web site!!! So you must be wrong, because he said he supports the Second Amendment. No I am not wrong, and you cannot find any of this on his web site not sense the Heller decision. Nor can you find any video footage of the things he said to the news reporters on this same subject. That is because osamaobama is the messiah and has the power to make thing disappear just as he can do to you.

We will talk about this further tomorrow and start on hidenbiden.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

'Assault Rifle Ban Would Enhance Rights . . . '

I would like to draw your attention to a fine Blog by 45superman at his Blog site Armed and Safe concerning New Jersey Polite Burrow's un-American Activity's. Take some time and have a good read at his Blog. If you like what he says book mark his Blog and post a reply letting him know.

Oppsition to Eric Holder As Attorney General

Right now is the time to send letters to your Senators regarding your opposition to the Nomination of Eric Holder as the United States Attorney General? The Conformation hearing for commissar holder starts in 15 Jan. Time is running out, so if you just can not think of what to say use the form letter I sent and posted here below to send to your Senator.

Dear Senator McConnell

As you are no doubt well aware, the Senate will soon be tasked with determining the suitability of President-elect Obama's choice of Eric Holder for United States Attorney General. Frankly, I would have difficulty imagining a less suitable choice, and I urge you in the strongest possible terms to refuse to confirm his appointment.

As Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton administration, Mr. Holder played a significant role in securing the presidential pardon of billionaire financier Marc Rich, whose tax evasion crimes constitute nothing less than theft, on a massive scale, from the American people. Some dismiss Mr. Holder's role in that pardon as nothing more than obedience to former President Clinton's quite legal (if extremely ill-advised and distasteful) prerogative, but the evidence points to Mr. Holder having played a large part in the pardon*.

Perhaps even worse is the prominent role Mr. Holder played in the granting of clemency to sixteen FALN terrorists. In an era when Americans face nearly unprecedented danger from terrorists, it would be the height of madness to entrust the Department of Justice to a man with anything less than a relentless drive to hunt down and stop every violent, radical extremist who threatens the safety, and indeed the very lives, of American citizens.

In the trying days that lie ahead, the United States will certainly need an Attorney General with vastly better judgment than can be counted on from Eric Holder. Senator McConnell, as your constituent, I urge you to fulfill your responsibility as a United States Senator, and block this dangerous appointment. Failure to do so would be an inexcusable dereliction of your duty to the American people. History never looks kindly on such failings.

These are but a few of my concerns in the nomination of Eric Holder for United States Attorney General, other include but not limited to His extreme Anti-Gun stance, The possible involvement in the Waco cover up, and a possible connection to a cover up of a death related to the Oklahoma City Federal building Bombing. Though some of it may be speculation, it places the American people at an uneasy feeling toward Eric Holder.

* "Pardon is Back in Focus for the Justice Nominee," New York Times, Dec. 1, 2008

Thank you,

Use your real name I just put opaww there sense it is what I go by. Now you may ask why I did not use the Gun Rights issue in this letter? Well quite frankly the Senate hearing comity is vastly anti gun, so they will over look any mention of gun rights related to the approval of any of osamaobama's appointees. The need to show other reasons they can identify with and support is why there is only a small mention of guns as a concern in the last paragraph.

Not to take away from 45superman his due recognition, he pinned this letter which I found to be very well written. I only added the last paragraph to it. It is posted for others to use here on my Blog and on 45superman's Blog.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

Been a lot of finger pointing, name-calling, foot stomping, temper tantrums, and blame with in the pro Gun community. This is leading the anti gunners into laughing fits, because it has divided us even further then we ever were. One side says we should use legal means to fight for our rights, the other side say they have had enough banding words and the time is now to act.

Well in a sense both are right and both are wrong. A point I would like to make here is that we have no clear cut rules for engagement that must be defined as to when, where, and how we will react. This is all being left up to our own interpretation as to how many violations we will endure and how we will handle it. Hell we cannot even agree on just what our rights are. Nor how we will defend them.

If we were smart we would be putting together a modern version of the Continental Congress on line and debating with the intent to put together a single document that the vast majority would agree with and support come hell or high water and this would be our guide as to the actions we would take.

A good start would be to create a board for the soul purpose of this debate. The boards will not be for discussing which weapon is best or what type of ammo should be used or anything like that. It would amount to a meeting of minds in forming a modern Continental congress. The Mod’s of the board must keep everything on topic, votes must be taken and all members should cast their vote.

At the least we should have 10 million members who are voicing their opinions. But we may have to settle for a few hundred. This should not be an argument and in fighting board and all opinions are as valid as any others. With a vote we can narrow down the rules.But all in all this meeting will have no ass unless the people are will to except and defend what is voted on by the majority.

Do we have any takers on this task?


Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Web Site

I have had some trouble with Google web page so I went looking last night for a new host and found one I think may be good. Seems to be easy to use for us who are not so tech. inclined. It offers a lot of good fetures for a free site host.

My new web page is Have a look and let me know what you think.

While your at it click on the Gun Rights examiner Logo and read some of the articles David Cordea has writen, let him know your feeling about the subject. There is a Logo on the left side bar here that will take you to GRE also.