Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beautify America

I was looking at some old and new programs such as Beautify America, which covers everything from, get a tattoo to drive your corvette to work day. So I was thinking of just how I could start a Beautify America program and just what would it be? It came to me like being struck by lightning.

My Beautify America campaign would be to deport every anti-gunner in this country to China, Cuba, or some place more fitting for the piece of shits socialists they are. Just take a look at.

billery klinton on second thought no don’t look at her you might be turned to stone. That medusas needs to be deported to some place like iraq where she could single handedly end that war just be turning the enemy to stone.

sarah brady, this cow pie for a face un-American bitch needs to be deported to Russia where she could be put to good use giving oral sex to Putin. Instead of shoving her penis up the keasters of the pro freedom loving Americans she so much hates.

carolyn (barrel shroud) mccarthy could drop a picket fence at 50 paces with her ugly looks not to mention the devastation she could cause from her ugly inside.

nancy pissoly I mean pelosi This cesspool faced bitch could scare the shit right out of a constipated ass, so she could be put to work relieving the colons of the Chinese that are all plugged up.

osamaobama with his big ears could replace dumbo the elephant at Disney; just make it the Disney in Europe instead of America. Where he would fit right in with the other ugly American haters.

diana feinstein is so ugly that when she goes to take a dump she does not know which end to stick on the toilet. So she would fit right in someplace like Venezuela.

Let us clean up and make America beautiful again so the real Americans can enjoy it for what it is. Make this July and each July the month of Beautify America month. Deport a socialist.