Tuesday, January 6, 2009

'Assault Rifle Ban Would Enhance Rights . . . '

I would like to draw your attention to a fine Blog by 45superman at his Blog site Armed and Safe concerning New Jersey Polite Burrow's un-American Activity's. Take some time and have a good read at his Blog. If you like what he says book mark his Blog and post a reply letting him know.

Oppsition to Eric Holder As Attorney General

Right now is the time to send letters to your Senators regarding your opposition to the Nomination of Eric Holder as the United States Attorney General? The Conformation hearing for commissar holder starts in 15 Jan. Time is running out, so if you just can not think of what to say use the form letter I sent and posted here below to send to your Senator.

Dear Senator McConnell

As you are no doubt well aware, the Senate will soon be tasked with determining the suitability of President-elect Obama's choice of Eric Holder for United States Attorney General. Frankly, I would have difficulty imagining a less suitable choice, and I urge you in the strongest possible terms to refuse to confirm his appointment.

As Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton administration, Mr. Holder played a significant role in securing the presidential pardon of billionaire financier Marc Rich, whose tax evasion crimes constitute nothing less than theft, on a massive scale, from the American people. Some dismiss Mr. Holder's role in that pardon as nothing more than obedience to former President Clinton's quite legal (if extremely ill-advised and distasteful) prerogative, but the evidence points to Mr. Holder having played a large part in the pardon*.

Perhaps even worse is the prominent role Mr. Holder played in the granting of clemency to sixteen FALN terrorists. In an era when Americans face nearly unprecedented danger from terrorists, it would be the height of madness to entrust the Department of Justice to a man with anything less than a relentless drive to hunt down and stop every violent, radical extremist who threatens the safety, and indeed the very lives, of American citizens.

In the trying days that lie ahead, the United States will certainly need an Attorney General with vastly better judgment than can be counted on from Eric Holder. Senator McConnell, as your constituent, I urge you to fulfill your responsibility as a United States Senator, and block this dangerous appointment. Failure to do so would be an inexcusable dereliction of your duty to the American people. History never looks kindly on such failings.

These are but a few of my concerns in the nomination of Eric Holder for United States Attorney General, other include but not limited to His extreme Anti-Gun stance, The possible involvement in the Waco cover up, and a possible connection to a cover up of a death related to the Oklahoma City Federal building Bombing. Though some of it may be speculation, it places the American people at an uneasy feeling toward Eric Holder.

* "Pardon is Back in Focus for the Justice Nominee," New York Times, Dec. 1, 2008

Thank you,

Use your real name I just put opaww there sense it is what I go by. Now you may ask why I did not use the Gun Rights issue in this letter? Well quite frankly the Senate hearing comity is vastly anti gun, so they will over look any mention of gun rights related to the approval of any of osamaobama's appointees. The need to show other reasons they can identify with and support is why there is only a small mention of guns as a concern in the last paragraph.

Not to take away from 45superman his due recognition, he pinned this letter which I found to be very well written. I only added the last paragraph to it. It is posted for others to use here on my Blog and on 45superman's Blog.