Sunday, June 14, 2009

Right Wing Extremists

Recently the DHS published a list of possible home grown terrorists, sighting such ridicules clames as Libertarians, returning Veterans from the iraq war, Republicans, people who are against abortion, people who are anti-illegal aliens, members of the Militias, and many more classes of people who just believe differently then the kool-aid drinking crowd.

The list has a very bad undertone to it, because it places almost every true American on the list of potential terrorists, making even speech against government policies and/or people a threat. Some place close to 40% of the listed groups are simply right wing believers. This is an indication of a true Nazi regime starting toward raring its ugly head.

If you really dig deep you can find that this trend is nothing more then a way to control the massive indigenes sheep in this country. By placing fear in their minds and harts. Liberals have and are behind this cesspool of demented thinking. When Raciest/terrorism is deeply imbedded in the liberals throughout our history.

The founder of the KKK was a democrat and democrats are liberals, most of the member of the KKK were democrats. Left leaning democrats are for the most part supporters of socialism; Hitler was a believer in socialism. This guy who killed a security guard in the Holocaust museum was a socialist not a right wing nut like some are trying to make everyone believe.

For the most part most democratic liberals are against free speech making them the actual terrorists in America. If you do not support the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as it is then you are a terrorists. The infamous Bobby Rush former leader of the terrorist group the Chicago Black Panthers wants to take away American rights lock stock and barrel making him a prominent terrorist and anti-American/freedom ass wipe.

The slime bags that wants to close down my web site and/or Blog because I don’t sing Kumbaya and hold hands with my glorious leader osamaobama are nothing more then terrorists. They would have me arrested and shipped by rail in cattle cars to re-educational camps for an attitude adjustment. (Execution by gas chamber sense it can handle more potential anti-socialists at a time.)

Let us just see whom this might be that would round us up and move us out. Maybe someone like Bonnie Erbe because I don’t suck up to her ass spewing anti-American beliefs. Could it maybe be Janet Reno? No wait she would just have you killed in your own home instead of waist money transporting you some place else.

Erbe is nothing more then wasted trash of the left leaning socialists in America that are dragging this country into another civil war that will rival all to of existed.