Friday, June 26, 2009

Socialist health care, 3 (The attack of the truffles)

I believe his royal highness osamaobama would be more then pissed if he red this along with his but buddies in congress but sense they don’t read low life resistances I can say osamaobama go fuck your self.

With the advent of socialist health care in America the need for malpractice suits will go away. Under the guise of lessening the cost of the over all health care and sense you don’t pay for what you get there will be no need for the doctors and hospitals to be insured against bad medical practices.

The need for trained medical staff will actually go up because many doctors will just simply quite medicine. We will see many new doctors whose diplomas come right out of a cracker jacks box. With a the manual “how to be a doctor for dummies”, and you will sit on one of their tables where this doctor with a bag of plumbing tools instead of medical equipment will tend to you.

The socialist doctors will have pliers to remove a hangnail with, but don’t worry you don’t have to pay for it. They may use something like a hack saw to perform an operation where they need to cut you open, but don’t worry you don’t got to pay for it. Its free health care. Of course if your constipated the doctor has a plumbers snake to clear you out with at no charge to you.

All these fine tool that an aspiring doctor would ever want comes to them free along with their course “how to be a doctor for dummies” and a beautiful diploma that they can hang on their wall. All this for the price of socialism, but wait as an added bonus they will throw in a sub course of “how to be a dentists for dummies”.

Modeling our socialist health care after many other nations in the world we may just see something like mandatory Ti Chi being conducted in our neighborhoods each and every morning before you are off to the rice patties for your daily work. But don’t fret any, it is all a part of your free socialist health care that commissar osamaobama, and his cronies in Washington decided you needed.

It is possible that one may also see a daily reporting of just what you ate yesterday and how much exercise you got via the internet. You just might be required to submit this report each and every day so a doctor and/or hospital can see if you are keeping up with your orders for a life style they have choose for you.

Sense we will be a socialism and not the republic we were born of, there will be no need for religion anymore. Communism does not really have religions and the socialist health care is health care for the body, mind and spirit. I guess the reason we have legalized abortion is so the socialists could legally abort this republic and get away with it. But don’t worry its free with your forced socialist health care.

It is very possible that confessionals will be installed in each and every clinic and each hospital, so that you can confess before seeing the doctor. (Forgive me doctor for I have sinned, I ate an extra chocolate bar yesterday, and two truffles the day before.) My child you need to say two fuck Mary’s and run an extra half-mile, you are absolved of your sins go back to the rice patties.