Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ghetto Silencers for survival.

Let me first say, that at no time have I ever had, tested, or made one of these Ghetto Silencers. Without the proper tax stamp they are illegal to have, own or use, even for testing purposes. This is for personal knowledge only and in no way is to incurrage anyone into making this or having sex without proper protection.

In some movies you can see people making or using some form of what is commonly called A Silencer, which is a miss-leading term. There is no such thing as a silencer sense they do not completely silence any gun. They are properly referred to as Noise Suppressers. Even the best-built and expensive ones only filter the noise by about 40% dry and wet they will suppress around 50 to 60%.

A Ghetto Suppresser I will talk about here will only suppress about 30 to 40% of the noise dry and if wet, you may get another 5 %.

List of needed items.
1. Small soda bottle with lid, brand is your preference (I like Dr. Pepper myself)
2. Small hand drill with drill bit just about 1/32nd smaller then the outside dia. Of your gun barrel.
3. Roll of Duct Tape, Cameo is better then the sliver, buy the dark green or black if you can get it.
4. A bag of Styrofoam peanuts, (these do not hold water, so not a good wet suppresser) Note 1.
5. A good .22 rifle, I prefer a bolt-action sense there is no mechanical actions of the ejection to make more added sound.

Start by washing the soda bottle and cap out and making sure they are dry before making this Ghetto suppresser.

Mark center of soda bottle cap and bottom of soda bottle. Use drill and bit to drill a hole in the cap as close to center as possible and the bottom of your soda bottle.

Force soda cap onto the end of your rifle barrel all the way up against the front sight or if you don’t have a front sight then about an inch on. If you need to ream the cap a little be careful sense you want as tight a fit as possible.

Fill soda bottle with the Styrofoam peanuts (Note 1.)

Use duct tape to secure bottle cap to barrel of rifle and don’t be stingy with the tape you need it to stay on there.

Screw bottle on to cap and align as close as possible.

Test fire if possible to make sure the hole in the bottom of the bottle is aligned with the path of the bullet.

And there you have it.

Note 1. Other material may be better then Styrofoam Peanuts like cotton, or very light and fine steal wool. I would prefer the fine steal wool myself if I knew how to make one of these and was going to do so.

Always remember that we must be law abiding even thought the Federal Government does not have to.


P.S. The accuracy of these is lessened sense the bullet passes through the material you use. So if one was to make something like this and I have no idea why anyone would need it, then be sure to test fire it some to see if your hitting on target.

P.P.S. I do not support the breaking of any law at this time. Nor do I condone the making of this item sense it is illegal to do so.

Osamaobama day

Today is osamaobama day, which will be; remember by many in our country and other countries around the world. It probably will become a national holiday, sense it is no less then a large milestone in our culture. Though I will remember this day for about 5 minutes and that is all, others will remember it for their life times.

What I will remember though is what he does while in his reign as emperor of America. Not only am I concerned about his insane anti gun agenda but also his wish for a social-ist government where only the government can decide for the governed. Or should I change it to a stronger language such as “where only the royalty can decide for the surfs.”

Will we see the suspension of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as we know them? It is possible but then again it was possible with any president we have had sense our founding as a nation. It is a risk we will take with any president. However we know this one does not like our current Constitution or Bill of Rights. For the democrats that now control the House, Senate, Congress and the White House no power is to large or to small for them.

With power comes control, then usurpation of authority. Nothing new here sense every president and legislature has usurped his/her authority for many long years and we should be use to it by now.

Alas no matter what laws or orders are given by our rightful lords and rulers who have assumed they are the only ones who can rule us Americans and keep us in line. I shall refuse to follow any I think are just wrong. They might be able to through away our real Constitution and Bill of Rights, replacing them with a new modern version of social-ism but they can never take our founding documents out of me.

If they remove the Second Amendment I shall continue to teach it as our GOD given right. If they outlaw that then I become an outlaw, and not subject to their rules and laws. If they get rid of the first Amendment as will have to happen in some form or other, I shall continue to speak my mind, Believe in the GODS I choose and warship them accordingly, I shall continue to write the truth as I see it. And the only options our rulers have is to shut the fu_k up and go away or shoot and kill either way I don’t got to put up with them.