Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stimulus money

At this time I would like to offer my sincere thanks to president osamaobama for the $250 stimulus money I received. It was not wasted but rather put to good use. I bought a new red dot scope, a new 20 round detachable magazine for the SKS; along with several boxes of 7.62x39 silver bear ammo. Plus I got enough 7.62x51 silver bear ammo to fill my magazines (5) for my Cetme, along with 2 boxes of Winchester 7.62x51 Nato147 gr. FMJ for my Howa, 2 Boxes of Hornady 20 gr. XTP .17 HMR, 1 Box of S & B 148 gr. Wad cutters for my .38 Spl., and last but not least 1 box of 230 gr. FMJ ball .45 auto ammo.

Thank you again President osamaobama, I do look forward to the next stimulus money you might throw my way I need a new Glock 19 and some 9mm ammo.