Monday, August 31, 2009

Is it possible?

Some tend to think nothing is wrong with our country and everything is hunky dory. Others might argue that many things are wrong with America and we are being flushed down the toilet. Depending on how one looks at everything will dictate how one believes. If you’re a left leaning socialist democrat then everything is great. If you’re a right leaning conservative then we are in the end times with hell in America.

Not to rain on any-ones parade but America is in a sinkhole and the only way to get us out is nothing short of a revolt against the tyrants that have, and are putting us there.

The people, who complain that capitalism is wrong and criminal, are a can short of a full six-pack. Capitalism has made this country great, raising above all the rest of the world. A person, who argues against Capitalism, is for the most part lazy asses who want what everyone has without working for it.

The use of such words like racist, hate mongering, slavery, ect. play a part in scaring people into following the beliefs of the lazy in trashing our Capitalist based country. They are afraid to be tagged as anything but a sheep. I got news for the lazy, and that is Capitalism did not create slavery, man did.

If Capitalism is so wrong then why is it that the rest of the world wants our money? If we eliminate Capitalism then the rest of the world will starve, sense we Americans are the soul supporters of many lazy countries.

Gun Control
Well one can see that the world peace has not materialized yet even though much of the world does not allow its slaves to own firearms. With the ever pressing need for some in America to have everyone become a victim of violence by the government, we can see the need to remain armed and vigilant at all times.

If this socialist administration has it’s way we Americans will become the world slaves, where by we work to support the nasty habits of foreign countries, which we basically do now anyway. Being citizens armed and vigilant is the last bearer against total slavery of the masses.

Some where around 125,000,000 to 150,000,000 people in the 20th century alone have been killed in countries that would not allow it’s citizens to be armed for defense. Some very nasty tyrants have raised their ugly heads in many of them same countries.

Some place with in the 20th century we lost the American education of our children, replacing it with diversity, non-secular, humanistic, victimization teachings of our very future.

We no longer produce Americans, who are educated in the fine art of being American, and proud, but rather we have become pussyafied men who are more women then women are. Women have become the dominant alpha males in our society, extolling the virtues of castrating the once male figures. This has been taught with in our schools for many long years.

Some of it creeping in the teachings here and there, very slowly so as to not raise red flags to alarm the people. I just read yesterday where a young girl who was a member of her High School ROTC class, got suspended from school for 6 days in Florida for chastising a student wiring a Burka, and refusing to stand and salute the American flag and refusing to say the pledge of allegiance. Why? Because she had hurt the feelys of someone else who does not support America but is here leaching off our fruits of labor.

Freedom of Speech
Well it seems that soon we can kiss this one good by; sense the fairness doctrine will put undue requirements on rightwing speech. Requiring an apposing view to be published, or broadcast, where it may be none approved speech by the current administration. Not to mention that many would be protectors of rights out there, want to shut down any thing that speaks against the socialist doctrines of this current cesspool of our government.

The left leaning socialist has enough hate mongers of the American way of life that they do not need to force the right wing into allowing an apposing view on their broadcasts. This fairness doctrine does not support the same requirements for the socialist talk shows nor printed views. So it is not really a fairness doctrine but rather a suppression of right wing free speech.

Supporting the fairness doctrine is none other then the Authorized journalists from cnn, abc, cbs, and nbc. Sense it will give then authority over any news that they wish to drown us out of.

Freedom of religion
Don’t bet on it, you will loose your hard earned money. Oops sorry the government is taking that anyway, but you will have IOU’s in its place. As was posted on the forum the other day we see where a religious hating judge has ordered a 10 year old girl to attend public school because she defends her beliefs to vigorously. In other words you can go to church but keep your mouth shout about your beliefs unless it is wicca, witchcraft, muslim, or Kwanzaa, then you can say all you want.

Don’t even think about displaying your beliefs in a given religion if it has to do with Christianity, or Judaism in school, they have and will make you stop and/or suspend you for it. Do not attack other religions of the world because you will be hung out to dry by the very self same people who some times sit next to you in your church.

Some professed Christian religions embrace acceptance of occults and non-secular beliefs with in their very buildings they are suppose to be worshiping Christ in. Some even have stopped the reference to Christ, so as to not offend others of diversity.

We even see an acceptance of sin within these self same churches; because it would be hate mongering to not allow a fag, child molester to not be a priest, preacher, or deacon. When it is clear that “GOD” (was I just political incorrect), (let me fix the politically incorrect and make it DOG so as to not offend) that homosexuality was a sin of one of the worst kinds.

Corrupt government
This is hard sense all corruption is in the eyes of the beholder, however we see this administration sh*t deep in forced change toward socialism. This is a corruption of the worst kind sense we Americans are not a socialist state.

We might ask ourselves how they can achieve this belief in socialism. The only way is through force, and threats. If you choose to speak out against a political meeting of this administration, then you are a racist, terrorist, right wing Christian, their words not mine.

Now comes the part everyone does not want to see. The forced part, where we will not have any choices left to us. In order for this administration to gain absolute power they must fill every hole in government with likeminded ass wipes, (Have we seen this yet?).

Then they must amass a force, which will enforce the will of the government on the citizens, (private Army anyone).

Lets not forget the corruption of the meanings of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to convince everyone that they and our founders were wrong, (living documents).

Create panic to use the executive power to suspend what rights they can, (maybe a flu like fear).

Make everything against the authority of the government, by make everyone not to your liking a potential terrorist, (Homoland Insecurity).

Restrict Americans in their travels and just what they can buy, (No fly, No buy list).

Gain control of our money and banks, (maybe pass a law giving full access of your bank accounts to the government, (Government run health care H.R. 3200)).

Though there are a few more steps in the process, the last is proclaim yourself as supreme leader of America and suspend all elections under what ever excuses you can find. (This has not happened yet but stand by).


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Records being kept

GUNnympho said, “Dude... I could go to the local sheriffs dept and they could easily tell me how many guns i have registered in my name. Sure the depth of class three firearms and silencers is more in depth.... but the papers filled out at the dealer don’t just sit in a filling cabinet.”

This got me to thinking about something I read about just within the last few months, where a collage student was assigned to write and give a lecture about something that was a high profile issue in America now. So he picked the subject in support of guns on campus.

When giving his lecture he made no statement that could be construed as a threat, but his teacher reported him to school security and they whisked him into their office and grilled him like a common criminal. They also produced a list of guns he owned and demanded he tell them where they were, how they were stored, and other things about them that they had no need to know.

Now one might think well nothing here to be concerned about. But one should look at the fact that a collage campus security had a list of all the guns that he owned. Where did they get the list? From what I remember there was not enough time for them to go to each gun dealer and inquire about the purchased weapons by this person not to mention that school security is rent-a-cop with no authority to canvas any gun shop records.

A few years after the passing of the brady bill requiring a federal background check. I believe it was found that the governor of New Jersey was acquiring all weapons purchases information from the Background checks to keep and compile a national database with. I seem to remember some law suite I think by the NRA to put a stop to it and have the records destroyed. The case was won and this perpetrator of citizen disarmament was ordered to destroy the records and stop any further compiling of said lists.

Whether he complied or not I cannot say nor can I prove, but I tend to believe he did not. Here in Hardin county Kentucky the Sheriff was caught making his own files of people who applied for a CCWP, which is against state law. Legal action was brought against him; to stop and destroy all compiled records. Supposedly he complied but it is in question now sense my son applied and the Sheriff took 2 photos of him for the CCWP it is believed he is still compiling and keeping records of his own. A new legal action is about to be brought against him but he probably will blow this off as well. (Note) Only one photo is required for a CCWP here in Kentucky and sense the Sheriff was caught making the second photo for his record it is believed he is at it again.

I believe that some form of compiled records of what guns, who purchased them is being kept some place, possible on a local level or possible both federal and local. Can I prove it NO, but from these listed cases and some other things I have read about it leads me to believe it is possible.