Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain and Palin Vs. Obama and Biden

I been reading a lot of comments about yesterdays VP pick of John McCain’s, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Many People are either supporting this choice or not supporting it and the reasons vary greatly but many express concerns about her lack of experience in running a government.

Well let us just take a look at the experience in running a country.

George Washington 1st President of the United States had no former experience in government. When the Second Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia in May 1775, Washington, one of the Virginia delegates, was elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. After the revolutionary war Washington wanted to retire to his farm in Mount Vernon, but he saw that the Articles of Confederation of America were not working well, so he became the prime mover that lead to the first Constitutional Convention in 1787 in Philadelphia. At this time the Electoral College unanimously elected Washington President when the new Constitution was ratified.

Now there are many more examples of our past Presidents having little or no experience in government, in fact there are to many for me to show cause here in. If you wish to read each Bio of each president in our country then go to this link.

Some of the Presidents only claim to fame in politics was simply being elected to Governorship of the state they were in. Having no more experience then Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. This being said now we look at the candidates running on the major tickets.

Republican John McCain has a long history of political experience in Congress spanning some 26 years. Billed as a rogue member of the Republican Party for not always voting along party lines on issues he gained much respect from not only his party but the Democratic Party as well.

Alaska Governor Republican Sarah Palin has a short political history that only spans her 2 years as Alaskan Governor. Holding to her campaign promises she delivered on them in her first year making her one of the actual few that has done so. She has the support of some 80% of Alaskan voting citizens. She has done no worse then many other Governors and has done better then many who have leached off the political coffers for many longer years.

Democrat Barack Obama Illinois State Senate, 1996-2004; U.S. Senate, 2004-date. 4 years in Illinois State Senate he very seldom voted on issues but rather abstained or was not present for the vote when it was needed. Was elected to the United States Congress in 2004, again his voting record leaves much to be desired sense he has been gone for over 2 years campaigning for his bid for President, during the 2 years before he also failed to vote on many bills in congress. Obama lacks defining experience in Government even though his has been long groomed by others to make it appear as though he has the experience needed.

Democrat Joe Biden was first Elected to US Senate, 1972, his experience spans some 36 years but not consecutive he had a break in congress for a while but was back in the saddle only after a short absents making his time in politics almost equal to McCain’s. Joe Biden has not garnered as much respect of the Democratic and Republican parties on Congress that McCain has. His voting record is fair to middlen on issues but holds along party lines.

If we compare the experiences here we can see that McCain and Biden have experience, Obama and Palin do not. The deference he lies in that McCain is running for President where experience is needed and Biden is running for Vice President where that is more of a learning post. This making Obama nothing more then a puppet for Biden where he will direct from behind the curtain.

McCain will be leading, as president and Palin will be learning the ropes of politics.

We can argue on the issues and their stance of each of the Candidates until the Chickens come home to roost all we want but none of them has a prefect record. No one in politics can state that they have held to their campaign promises with the excepting of Palin so far but she is young and has a rough road ahead of her. I believe she is up to the task and with good training she may just become a future President we can all like.

As it looks right now McCain and Palin have my vote