Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain and Palin Vs. Obama and Biden

I been reading a lot of comments about yesterdays VP pick of John McCain’s, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Many People are either supporting this choice or not supporting it and the reasons vary greatly but many express concerns about her lack of experience in running a government.

Well let us just take a look at the experience in running a country.

George Washington 1st President of the United States had no former experience in government. When the Second Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia in May 1775, Washington, one of the Virginia delegates, was elected Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. After the revolutionary war Washington wanted to retire to his farm in Mount Vernon, but he saw that the Articles of Confederation of America were not working well, so he became the prime mover that lead to the first Constitutional Convention in 1787 in Philadelphia. At this time the Electoral College unanimously elected Washington President when the new Constitution was ratified.

Now there are many more examples of our past Presidents having little or no experience in government, in fact there are to many for me to show cause here in. If you wish to read each Bio of each president in our country then go to this link.

Some of the Presidents only claim to fame in politics was simply being elected to Governorship of the state they were in. Having no more experience then Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. This being said now we look at the candidates running on the major tickets.

Republican John McCain has a long history of political experience in Congress spanning some 26 years. Billed as a rogue member of the Republican Party for not always voting along party lines on issues he gained much respect from not only his party but the Democratic Party as well.

Alaska Governor Republican Sarah Palin has a short political history that only spans her 2 years as Alaskan Governor. Holding to her campaign promises she delivered on them in her first year making her one of the actual few that has done so. She has the support of some 80% of Alaskan voting citizens. She has done no worse then many other Governors and has done better then many who have leached off the political coffers for many longer years.

Democrat Barack Obama Illinois State Senate, 1996-2004; U.S. Senate, 2004-date. 4 years in Illinois State Senate he very seldom voted on issues but rather abstained or was not present for the vote when it was needed. Was elected to the United States Congress in 2004, again his voting record leaves much to be desired sense he has been gone for over 2 years campaigning for his bid for President, during the 2 years before he also failed to vote on many bills in congress. Obama lacks defining experience in Government even though his has been long groomed by others to make it appear as though he has the experience needed.

Democrat Joe Biden was first Elected to US Senate, 1972, his experience spans some 36 years but not consecutive he had a break in congress for a while but was back in the saddle only after a short absents making his time in politics almost equal to McCain’s. Joe Biden has not garnered as much respect of the Democratic and Republican parties on Congress that McCain has. His voting record is fair to middlen on issues but holds along party lines.

If we compare the experiences here we can see that McCain and Biden have experience, Obama and Palin do not. The deference he lies in that McCain is running for President where experience is needed and Biden is running for Vice President where that is more of a learning post. This making Obama nothing more then a puppet for Biden where he will direct from behind the curtain.

McCain will be leading, as president and Palin will be learning the ropes of politics.

We can argue on the issues and their stance of each of the Candidates until the Chickens come home to roost all we want but none of them has a prefect record. No one in politics can state that they have held to their campaign promises with the excepting of Palin so far but she is young and has a rough road ahead of her. I believe she is up to the task and with good training she may just become a future President we can all like.

As it looks right now McCain and Palin have my vote


Friday, August 29, 2008

Just my point of view.

While there are many pro-gunners out there worried about our Right to Keep and Bare Arms. There are to a lesser degree many anti-gunners who wish and hope to remove the rights from everyone. If we Pro-gunners are a majority, then why are the anti-gunners still getting anti-gun laws passed?

One reason may just be that we pro-gunners spend a lot of time and effort pointing fingers at each other and saying your not this or your not that, instead of saying NO to the anti-gun bills as one voice, one mind, and one soul. I do not single out any pro-gun group here, but am relating to what I have read and heard from many on the pro-gun side. We seem to be bickering back and forth between each other and not giving all out support where the vote counts.

I have been reading on another board the debate about joining the NRA, about 50% are for it and about 50% are against it. This is normal for people to support one or another of any belief. I am not advocating joining any of them over the other, but rather I say join the one that can bring your views to life, and the one that makes you happy.

I do not belong to the NRA in case some one wishes to ask, I do not support everything they do or believe. I tend to support all pro-gun groups as a whole and not just one. I would like to see a joining of minds and votes by all pro-gunners, on the issues that effect us. Let us all speak as one regardless of which organization we belong to.

If a state puts a anti-gun bill before it’s legislature, we should see not just one pro-gun group there fighting to defeat it, but we should see someone from them all there standing side by side speaking as one for all American gun owners. If a person says they support the Second Amendment as an individual right they should support it as a whole.

Regardless if they personally believe that we do not need the dreaded Assault Weapon or not. The issue is not about one type of gun or caliber, or even what a gun looks like. The issue is our rights regardless of our personal feelings. Some pro-gunners will not stand on a given issue of gun rights because they do not believe that we should own one type or another gun. We need to reach out to these people to explain that it is not about the one type but about all guns.

Once the anti-gunners get a hold in the legislature they tend to demand more and more, and more until there is nothing left of our rights at all. We pro-gunners know the Anti-gunners will not accept the truth even when it is right under there noses. Our only option is to stop them in there tracks. How you may ask? Well by not voting them into office to start with. If they are already in office then attempt to remove them through an impeachment process. If you cannot remove them from office then run a pro-gunner against them next election.

Many pro-gunners will still vote for hitlery or hussein obama knowing full well they are not pro-gun, simply because they are against the Bush administration, or maybe they like something else about them. Some women are voting for hitlery simply because she is a woman nothing more and do not look at her stance on individual rights to include the Second Amendment.

Now I am going to say something whether anyone likes it or not, or whether one wishes to except it or not, and that is the anti-gun issues are not nor ever have been about protecting people from ourselves. But rather it is about socialism and a socialist state where the government takes care of you. We don’t need guns because the socialists have said so and they just know so much more then I do about what I need. Which as most intelligent people know is Bull Shit. Well I have ranted enough for one day I’ll close this here and might write more in this issue soon.

Just one last thing, let us all make the stand together as one, if we do we will win hands down.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Victimization Syndrome

At this time I must mention and thank Sarah Thompson, M.D. For her wonderful observations and article on this same subject. Please take time to read it in its entirety here at this web site.

I have come to the conclusion that the reasoning behind the anti gun movement is there identity with what I call Victimization Syndrome. Their need for being a victim out weighs rationality and clear thinking. Most of the anti gunners survive on being a victim, holding a view that the rest of society should also conform to, so as to allow a common ground that everyone becomes a victim because one is a victim.

The inept ability of the anti gunner to except that they alone are the victims requires them to seek ways for everyone to be a victim also. They feel infearor to anyone who can dimenstrate the ability to protect ones self’s.

The understanding of the approach the anti gunners use is, that no one should resist just gives them what they want and they will go away. Some studies show this to be true in only about 38% of the cases. The other 62% of the time more violence is inflicted on the victim. Sense the attitude of the perpetrator is that of domination over the submissive, the tendency to push their terror further oft times results in, abuse, out right assault, pain, and even death.

In contrast some studies show that resistance, armed or unarmed results in the perpetrator being chased off, subdued, and even killed, effectively stopping any aggression toward the victim. The ability of some to reverse the victim/perpetrator roll oft times enrages the very self same people who decry the Victimization Syndrome. There is no common ground for the self-inflicted victim to feel secure with, except self-imposed sympathy.

If one takes a close look at Sarah Brady you will see this self same attitude in her anti gun rhetoric. Being the victim through an act of aggression toward her Husband, who was shot in the head by John Hinckley Jr. during an assignation attempt of then President Reagan. Sarah Brady has campaigned for strict Victimization bills, where all ability of the person to defend their self’s would be taken away, leaving them as little more then play toy’s of the perpetrators. This Sarah Brady can identify with, (being a victim) with disdain of anyone’s ability to stop aggression on his or her own.

When confronted by self sufficient people who are capable of self defiance Sarah Brady tends to distort the truths associated with gun control to further her fear mongering, attempting to lead others into a victim state for her to use as a crutch in her own life. Each time Sarah Brady and/or Jim Brady her husband appear at a anti gun function they attempt to play on sympathy of Jim Brady being disabled by the Gun and does not place blame on the perpetrator himself.

This is a common attempt by most anti gunners and is seen as blame of an inanimate object, rather then the perpetrator of the crime. It is easer to blame something that cannot defend it’s self, then it is to place the blame where it belongs. Also showing support for the criminal, in that they have a close connection to the victim during and after the commission of a crime. The deep relationship with the criminal oft time results in lighter sentences and a desire for their release so they may inflict more pain and terror on other people.

We can see in other studies that violent crimes such as rape is not for sexual gratification but is associated with power, control, institution of fear and domination of the victim. Rape makes the victim feel a sense of helplessness, then shame, and later rage, where by they want to be identified as a victim in order to gainer sympathy from others. In the cases where the victim starts to learn to not become a victim they tend to learn to defend there self’s. They loose the desire for sympathy as a victim and realize that their own actions will be the factor in stopping the next assault.

A normal person would use being a victim as a tool to learn how to not become a victim, Learning some self defense movies, learning to shoot a hand gun, learning where and when to not go. There is an ever increasing desire of the non-victim to share sympathy with the victim, oft times drawing on the same fears as the victim they place blame on the gun when in fact knives account for a large number of items used on crime. There inability to recognize other insterments as valid tools for inflicting hurt and forcing the Victimization Syndrome on others amounts to fear of something perceived as powerful and having the ability to be used to gain an upper hand against the criminal there by making for less victims.

Just my observation


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Top 10 Weapons of all time

The Military Channel had something on it about the all time top 10 Battle weapons. Their list was based on, Accuracy -, In Service Length -, Combat Effectiveness -, Handling -, and Innovation. Their list I question the choices on some of the weapons.

Rifle / Country of Origin / Caliber

10. M14 / USA / 7.62 x 51mm
9. Sturmgewehr 44 / Germany / 7.92 x 33mm
8. 1903 Springfield / USA / .30-06
7. Steyr Aug / Austria / 5.56 x 45mm
6. Mauser Model 98K / Germany / 7.92 x 75mm
5. FN FAL / Belgium / 7.62 x 51mm
4. M1 Garand / USA / .30-06
3. Lee Enfield SMLE / U.K. / .303 Enfield
2. M16 / USA / 5.556 x 45mm
1. AK-47 / Russia / 7.62 x 39mm

This is my choice and I will try and list why I feel they should qualify and not some on the list.

10. Lee Enfield SMLE/ UK. / .303 Enfield / Base service time 1895-1957 counting deferent variations, and still used in some countries all the way up till the early 2000’s
Though a good rifle over all it was a little finicky when compared to say the Mosin-Nagant, which was a rough and ready rifle that would still perform long after others of the time would stop because of lack of cleaning.

9. 1903 Springfield / USA / .30-06 / Base service time June 19th 1903-1936 at which time the M-1 Grand replaced the 1903 Springfield, Though some were still used in the Second World War and for a short time after for sniper work in Korea, and Vietnam they were in very limited use after the M-1 Grand was addopted as Americas main battle rifle.
One dam good rifle but as with the Enfield could be a somewhat finicky as compared to the rough made Mosin-Nagant.

8. Mauser K98 / Germany / 7.92x75mm
This rifle was one of the most used rifles up to and including the Second World War. It being one of the most powerful battle rifles of its time along with being considered one of the most accurate ones. Nazi Germany had some where around 2.7 million rifles by the end of the war, making it one of the highest production weapons of the war. The Mauser action was and still is one of the most used actions in bolt action rifles in history. A few of the other rifles that used this configuration were but not limited to, American M1903 Springfield, Japanese Arisaka type 38 and type 99 rifles, Anglo-American M1917 Enfield.

The accuracy of the K98 was so good that all K98’s manufactured were Scope ready in that no smithing was needed to install a scope mount. They were ready for a scope mount right from the factory, and only needed attachment and sighting in.

7. SKS / Russian / 7.62x39 Base service time 1945-
Though the SKS has a short history as the main battle rifle because of the introduction of the AK-47’s shortly after. The SKS still remained a secondary battle rifle, it also being one of the most exported rifles in production. Many nations manufactured their own version of the SKS, such as the former Eastern Block nations, China type 56, East Germany Karabiner S, and North Korea type 63. The SKS is one of the most widely sold battle rifles in the civilian market in several countries around the world. The SKS was the first to use the 7.62x39mm cartage.
Hollywood was for the most part responsible for the misconception that most of the world used the AK-47 instead of the SKS rifle. When in fact much of the world had and used the SKS up until the latter part of the 20th century. Even during the Vietnam War the V.C were more apt to be armed with the SKS then the AK-47. The SKS just was not scary enough for Hollywood so most film producers used the AK-47 instead.

6. Heckler and Koch G-3/Cetme / Germany/Spain / 7.62x51 NATO / 1950’s-
I am not sure where to begin with this rifle, though I will give it a try. The Cetme which is the Spanish version and for runner of the German H&K G-3 and can trace it’s history back to the STG 44 and MG 42 although it’s connection is very limited. The Cetme/G-3 has enjoyed popularity with such Military’s, group’s, and countries as the East Germany border guards (Bundesgrenzschutz), Spain, East German army, and roughly 38 other countries in the world. The G3 rifle was and in some cases still being produced under license in France (MAS), Greece ( Hellenic Arms Industry), Iran (defense Industries Organization), Mexico, Myanmar, Norway (Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk), Pakistan (Pakistan Ordnance Factories), Portugal (FBP), Saudi Arabia, Sudan (Military Industries Corporation), Sweden (FFV), Thailand, Turkey (MKEK), United Kingdom (Royal Ordnance).

There are still countries in South America that use The G-3 or one of it’s many variants today.

5. AK-47 / Russia / 1949 official adoption as main weapon
Though many might not agree with this one being #5 I tend to attribute its lack of accuracy to its placement on my list. It being one of the most produced Assault Rifles, enjoying the status of the first real production Assault rifles, it’s vast export and use in the world. Has made its historical placement in the top 5 of the all time best weapons in my opinion. Many countries (to Numerous to list) found it’s cost, availibity, and reliability as the main reason for switching their arsenals to this weapon.

Some countries enjoy the available of the civilian version of the AK-47 for sales to the civilian population. Being a cost effective in $ for what one gets and the somewhat low cost of 7.62x39 ammo one can see why they are sought after in the civilian market. Though if one would compare the Cetme to the AK-47, you will see that the cost of the weapons is close to the same and one would get a far more accurate rifle out at ranges of 500-600 meters. The advantages of the 7.62x51 NATO round that the Cetme is chambered in far out weighs the 7.62x39. The cost of the 7.62x51 NATO is just a tad bit more then the 7.62x39 but well worth the price again in my opinion.

One last tidbit here, and that is if one is looking for a weapon that scares the crap out of the anti-American/anti-gunners then get the AK-47. Nothing like a good miss-conceived Assault Weapons to scare the crap out of the socialist in America.

4. Thompson submachine gun Model 1921 / USA / .45 Auto / 1921
This year saw the production of the infamous Thompson Machine Gun, better known as the Tommy gun, Chopper, Chicago Typewriter, The Trench Broom, and many other names. All in all a good short range Assault, Defensive weapon, was reliable, had a hard-hitting round, a good rate of fire. This weapon still saw limited service in Vietnam and limited service with some Law Enforcement groups up until the 1990’s. There is a good following in the civilian community for this weapon though many only have the semi-auto version they still enjoy shooting it. Its short-range accuracy is very good; the compactness of its design made it a great weapon during the Second World War.
One might even consider the Thompson Model 1921 to be the first real American Assault Weapon. Not withstanding this weapon in .45 Auto packs one hell of a wallop.

3. M-16 / USA / 5.56x45mm NATO / 1964
This became the standard service rifle of the U.S. Army in 1964 with the Marine corpse follow a little after. It has enjoyed the status as the U.S.’s main battle rifle/Assault Rifle ever sense. Though the early version M16 had some design flaws they were quickly corrected and reissued as the M16a1. It is an accurate rifle, has a good rate of fire, lightweight, easy to disassemble for cleaning. The smaller round let people carry more ammo because it weighed less.

The many variations of this weapon allows for many customizations to suite the needs and likes of people. It enjoys a large following in the civilian and Law Enforcement communities. The cost for surplus military ammo makes it a good choice. But the cost for the rifle is a little prohibited for some, so they seek the AK-47 or SKS instead. My opinion is that one would be better off to save a little longer and spend the money on a good AR-15. All in All a good all around rifle, though I prefer the 7.62x51 NATO to the 5.56x45 NATO maybe I am just old and outdated.

2. M-14 / USA / 7.62x51 NATO / (1957) 1959
This Battle Rifle was adopted by the Military in 1957 but was not delivered for use until 1959, It’s design was based off the M-1 Grand, and enjoyed use in the Vietnam war but was soon replaced by the M-16. One reason I had heard when they made the change was that Female solders had a hard time using the M-14 and preferred the M-16 to it. I cannot confirm this other then what I was told in my early days in The U.S. Army. The 7.62x51 NATO round was a much harder hitting round and had good accuracy. It tended to kill a little better then the 5.56x46 NATO. Why the real reason to the change I have no idea. The M-14 was reliable, accurate, even enjoying use as a sniper weapon and is still in limited use in Iraq even today.

For my Dollar I love the M-14, and if it were legal I would marry one and call it my wife forever.

1. M1 Grand / USA / 30-06 / early 1940’s
This weapon saw service in World War 2, its reliability and accuracy were unparalleled as a semi-auto battle rifle for its time. Even today it is used at Camp Perry for open sight, long range shooting. During the Second World War some were outfitted with scopes for sniper work and enjoyed much success. The only draw back was the lack of a detachable magazine of a good capacity. The hard hitting 30-06 round was long proven but more so with this weapon.

This by far is one of the smoothest shooting weapons I have ever had the privilege of firing, setting aside the only other drawback of this weapon, the old Grand thumb, and if you have much experience with the M1 Grand you know what I am talking about.

The STG 44 and the Steyr Aug never seen much of any wide use and never entered production to the level of the weapon I have listed as my choices. The FN FAL saw some use in a few countries and enjoyed some production but was not what it was cracked up to be. It was a fair rifle but I feel was not up to par to enter this list of the top 10.

This is just my opinion.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Homeland security.

Homeland security.

This reeks of a Nazi Germany’s Fatherland genera from a long time ago. If we compare the power of Homeland security of today and the Nazi Germany’s Fatherland genera of the past we can see they are not much deferent. Both assume to do these things for our own good. One might even compare them to the nanny state mentality, sense they all want to decide what, when, and with whom you can do anything. (All for your own good.)

The rules in Homeland security are vastly unconstitutional in that they not only invade ones privacy under the guise of for your own good, but they make everyone suspect and guilty until proven innocent. Not withstanding the issues and hassles one has to go through when they find that Homeland security has put them on a no fly list.

Ever wander why you cannot see the list of no fly? Or you find out your on it when you try and fly someplace to visit family. It amounts to a government control of the people, keeping you ignorant and subjugated. Why does a woman’s nipple rings constitute a threat? It doesn’t but in the eyes of the Gestapo they are reason to show off the power they have over a once free people.

How does one get placed on the no fly list? One can be placed on the list for a number of reasons, like having a friend who lives outside the U.S. whom you communicate with through email, phone, or letter writing. This is especially true when that person may live in a questionable country like Iran, Iraq, or some such country that the Fatherland security decides is an enemy of America.

Or one may be an outspoken proponent of the government control of free peoples. Maybe you expressed your support for private Gun ownership. You can bet your name is on the list if you have wrote anything disparaging the government for the issues of Fatherland security and posted it on the internet.

There are about 500,000 names on the list that we know of as of right now, give or take a few, that works out to 1 in 6 Americans are considered to be some form of a threat to the powers of the government. Next time your with your buddies in a bowling league have 6 of them stand next to each other and tell them that at least one of them standing there is on the terrorists watch list.

To no surprise of mine, even children are on the list. It may be because of smelly diapers that are offensive to the Fatherland security that they are added to the list. Or it could be that baby poop is a catalyst for bomb making during flight, so they want to protect Americans from the dreaded poop bomb that a one year old can make out of poop and baby wipes.

Do I believe that 9/11 was the work of the government? NO I don’t but the government was like a lady in waiting, standing ready for any reason that they could bully/shame the people into supporting. Most people just feared that they might end up on a flight with terrorists who are going to hijack a plane. So they believe that some governing body should be in control of security. Does this sound familure? (Kind of like a nanny mentality, let the government decide for you.)

Through the fear mongering of the government that uses fear to gain power over American citizens. We have seen many Gestapo tactics being used against the people without just cause, and what does the powers to be saying when it was a mistake? Some times they say sorry but we will not fix the damage we did to your home and/or family. Kind of like Nazi Germany when they were rounding up the Jews.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some Blogs are shut down by Google

As of yesterday some Blogs were shut down by Google as spam Blogs. It would seem that Google was testing a new spam program which listed quite a number of Blogs as spam when they were not and has blocked them. Armed and Safe and The War on Guns are two of the many.

For some reason neither can be accessed using IE now, access to these two are being blocked by IE. You can still access them by using Firefox.

It just seems strange that most of the Blogs blocked are pro gun Blogs.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Amendment to the Second Amendment

As of right now we have won a big battle for our rights with the Supreme Courts ruling on the Hiller vs. D.C. case. But the war is not over by far.

Either way the ruling will not detour the anti-gunners from attempting to pass anti-gun laws on a lower level or even federal for that matter. What is needed is an Amendment to the Bill of Rights that will forbid any further attempts to remove or restrict the ownership, use, and/or purchasing of firearms to the people regardless of reasoning.

With the anti-gunners hoping to achieve gun control through local gun laws we will have a hard fight to keep them from some success. If we start a grass roots attempt to have a bill passed forbidding any further gun-control laws from being passed or forced on law abiding citizens we may be able to stave off a lot of little attempts that will drain a lot of private money to fight to have them repealed.

If you agree with my recommendations listed here, copy them and send them to your Senator, and Congressman, demanding that they pass this into Constitutional Law.

Definition of the term Fire Arm here in is as follows.

(a) Any handgun, rifle, shotgun of the common type used by the Military in defense of the nation that may be carried by the citizen as a personal weapon. To include Assault type weapons, single shot, bolt action, semi-automatic, and full automatic functioning.

(b) Any personal weapon that can be used for legal hunting, recreational shooting, target practus, and/or self-defense of property, persons, state, and/or country.

Definition of the term Feeding device here in is as follows.

(a) Any device, clip, magazine, belt designed to feed ammunition in a limited or continuous capacity.

I feel the Bill should not just forbid any other anti-gun laws from being passed anywhere, but should also include the following.

Section (A)

1. There shall be no attempt by any group, and/or governing body whether local, county, state, and/or federal from restricting, forbid, regulating and/or deny any law abiding citizen from the purchasing, possession, and/or use of fire arms, of any type that is commonly available to law abiding citizen.

2. There shall be no attempt by any group, and/or governing body whether local, county, state and/or federal, from restricting, or deny the purchase, possession, or use of Ammunition of the common type that is used by law-abiding citizens.

3. There shall be no attempt by any group, and/or governing body whether they be local, county, state, or federal, to close, remove, restrict, regulate, or forbid the legal ownership, and/or operation of shooting ranges whereby a law abiding citizen may enjoy, and/or use for the act of civilian marksmanship, and /or recreational shooting.

4. There shall be no attempt by any group, and/or governing body whether local, county, state, and/or federal to stop, forbid, restrict, deny any law abiding weapons manufacturing business, from making, manufacturing, repairing, upgrading, selling legal firearms and/or ammunition to any legal law abiding citizens.

5. There shall be no attempt by any group, and/or governing body whether local, county, state, and/or federal to redefine, change, and/or interpreting firearms, ammunition, and/or legal ranges, beyond what is here in this Amendment.

6. There shall be no attempt by any group, and/or governing body whether local, county, state, and/or federal, from restricting, regulating, forbidding, denying any Law abiding Gun Shop from conducting legal sales of firearms, firearm accessories and/or Ammunition, to American citizens in any city, county, and/or state.

7. There shall be no attempt by any group, and/or governing body whether local, county, state, and/or federal, from restricting, regulating, forbidding, denying any Law abiding citizen, law abiding business, or manufacturer, from producing, selling, buying, possessing, and/or using any high capacity feeding device for weapons.

8. There shall be no attempt by any group, and/or governing body whether local, county, state, and/or federal, from restricting, regulating, forbidding, denying any Law abiding citizen, law abiding business, from importing weapons commonly used for self defense and/or recreational use.

9. There shall be no attempt by any group, and/or governing body whether local, county, state, and/or federal, from restricting, regulating, forbidding, denying any Law abiding citizen, the owning of weapons because of cosmetic appearances, or functionality.

Section (B)

Penalties for violations listed here in shall include but not limited to.

1. Fines of $100,000 U.S. per day that a violation is in effect by a city.

1a. Fines of $250,000 U.S. per day that a violation is in effect by a county.

1b. Fines of $1,000,000 U.S. per day that a violation is in effect by a state.

1c. Fines of $2,500,000 U.S. per day for violations by a government agency.

Note 1. If fines are not paid to victims of the violations with in 30 days of the start of the violation then said violating body will be subject to seizures of assets to sell off to pay for said fines.

Automatic forfeiture of citizenship, deportation and seizure of all assets for any person/s violating section (A)

Automatic disbanding and closure of violating government body, group, or organization that violates Section (A).

Automatic impeachment of persons who are elected to office for violating Section (A)

Charges of Treason against the American Constitution, country and peoples shall be livid against persons who are in violation of Section (A)

Life in prison without parole for violations of Section (A)


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Left or Right?

Sense the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Second Amendment right of the individual to own guns, and the legal use of them for protection and hunting, we have seen an outcry from the left side and some on the right. Many would have America believe that the 2nd Amendment is a collective right or that it applies to the military only.

Many left leaning newspapers have published their version of just what the 2nd Amendment should mean, (in their eyes). Many noted anti-gunners have come out and put their 2 cents worth into the fray with the continued ranting that it is for the military and not the individual citizen.

Again the pro-gun side has had to make a stand against such preposterous claims from the anti-freedom crowd. The war on the gun issues will never end, and the pro side needs to be ever vigilant and prepared. A good counter attack would do wanders right now for the pro-gun side if they would sound off by filing law suites and demanding Congress pass laws that are pro-gun in nature.

With Congress’s ever-ebbing popularity with the American people, we see such infighting, bickering, name calling, finger pointing, and even down right refusal to pass anything worth a dam to the American people. Satire follows, => (The left) I hate GWB so the war in iraq is illegal so I will not vote for funding. (The right) I believe that cloning body parts to help people with medical problems is wrong and playing GOD, so I won’t support it. (The Middle) Pro-gun bill, (Crickets chirping).

All in all I think Congress could get top billing as a soap opera on daytime T.V. If one takes a close look at Congress and the people we elect, you just might get a lot more entertainment from them then you do in today’s sappy soaps. Let us for the sake of argument just call the whole of the illicit acts of Congress and the white house, “Hog wollering”. A good term sense Congress is so full of pork, one would also think that peta (people for the ethical treatment of animals) would be all over Congress for the abuse of oinkers.

The job of the Supreme Court is to interpret the Constitution and not create new meanings to be applied to them. Part of the job actually is to research these meaning in past written documents by the founders of our great country. Applying known and understood concepts, definitions, and meaning that were long thought to be true. This process is not suppose to be a party line belief but should be a non-biased look at all the data available and the outcome should reflect in the ruling.

How ever if we take another close look at the Supreme Courts rulings in the last 100 years we can see that the stacking of the Supreme Court to effect a political outcome has at least be practiced sense FDR was in office. If I were a liberal and wanted to eliminate private gun ownership in the U.S. I just simply appoint enough anti-American judges to the Supreme Court to effect the ruling I want. That is what FDR did with socialist security.
Though I am not completely happy with the Supreme Courts ruling in the D.C. vs. Hiller case. I am somewhat relieved that 5 of the Judges actually knew what the Second Amendment is about and made their ruling accordingly. Of course attempting to convince the socialists in America that the Supreme Court was right in the ruling is like beating your head against a brick wall.

Had the ruling gone the other way they would be celebrating and calling us true Americans all sorts of names and demanding that we turn in all our guns and submit ourselves to re-educational camps so that our task masters can drill out all the old misguided beliefs that never existed. The left would berate opinions regarding the old and outdated concept of private gun ownership or personal rights for that matter. The socialists in America would tell us to just get over it and move on, so with no further ado I say to the socialist anti-American/anti-gunners GET THE FUCK OVER IT AND MOVE OUT OF THIS GREAT NATION.

To everyone who is celebrating the ruling in the D.C. vs. Hiller I say to you that the socialists are also celebrating sense it left so many vagaries and left open the door for further restrictions on your rights. The time for Americans to wake up and smell the shit the socialists are trying to sell you is now or we just may never be able to recover from their trashing America and our freedoms.


This is my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinions of the socialists that currently leach in America.

Friday, April 25, 2008

When I get back

Going to visit Grandchildren for a week. I will be updating this blog when I get back.

Monday, April 21, 2008

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