Friday, August 29, 2008

Just my point of view.

While there are many pro-gunners out there worried about our Right to Keep and Bare Arms. There are to a lesser degree many anti-gunners who wish and hope to remove the rights from everyone. If we Pro-gunners are a majority, then why are the anti-gunners still getting anti-gun laws passed?

One reason may just be that we pro-gunners spend a lot of time and effort pointing fingers at each other and saying your not this or your not that, instead of saying NO to the anti-gun bills as one voice, one mind, and one soul. I do not single out any pro-gun group here, but am relating to what I have read and heard from many on the pro-gun side. We seem to be bickering back and forth between each other and not giving all out support where the vote counts.

I have been reading on another board the debate about joining the NRA, about 50% are for it and about 50% are against it. This is normal for people to support one or another of any belief. I am not advocating joining any of them over the other, but rather I say join the one that can bring your views to life, and the one that makes you happy.

I do not belong to the NRA in case some one wishes to ask, I do not support everything they do or believe. I tend to support all pro-gun groups as a whole and not just one. I would like to see a joining of minds and votes by all pro-gunners, on the issues that effect us. Let us all speak as one regardless of which organization we belong to.

If a state puts a anti-gun bill before it’s legislature, we should see not just one pro-gun group there fighting to defeat it, but we should see someone from them all there standing side by side speaking as one for all American gun owners. If a person says they support the Second Amendment as an individual right they should support it as a whole.

Regardless if they personally believe that we do not need the dreaded Assault Weapon or not. The issue is not about one type of gun or caliber, or even what a gun looks like. The issue is our rights regardless of our personal feelings. Some pro-gunners will not stand on a given issue of gun rights because they do not believe that we should own one type or another gun. We need to reach out to these people to explain that it is not about the one type but about all guns.

Once the anti-gunners get a hold in the legislature they tend to demand more and more, and more until there is nothing left of our rights at all. We pro-gunners know the Anti-gunners will not accept the truth even when it is right under there noses. Our only option is to stop them in there tracks. How you may ask? Well by not voting them into office to start with. If they are already in office then attempt to remove them through an impeachment process. If you cannot remove them from office then run a pro-gunner against them next election.

Many pro-gunners will still vote for hitlery or hussein obama knowing full well they are not pro-gun, simply because they are against the Bush administration, or maybe they like something else about them. Some women are voting for hitlery simply because she is a woman nothing more and do not look at her stance on individual rights to include the Second Amendment.

Now I am going to say something whether anyone likes it or not, or whether one wishes to except it or not, and that is the anti-gun issues are not nor ever have been about protecting people from ourselves. But rather it is about socialism and a socialist state where the government takes care of you. We don’t need guns because the socialists have said so and they just know so much more then I do about what I need. Which as most intelligent people know is Bull Shit. Well I have ranted enough for one day I’ll close this here and might write more in this issue soon.

Just one last thing, let us all make the stand together as one, if we do we will win hands down.