Friday, June 19, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

While Nero played his lyre as he watched Rome burn in 64 A.D. whispers of his involvement were circulating shortly after. Seemingly Nero needing something to draw attention away from him, so the creation of a scapegoat fell to the Christians and many were rounded up and burnt at the stake for nothing more then being the whipping boys of Nero.

Nero seemingly catered to the lower classes of people during his reign of terror or power, whichever way one wants to look at it. Being very popular among the less fortunate and the working class of people he enjoyed popularity and was likened to being a God among them.

This allowed him to get away with much that normally would of ended in a very short reign of power and sudden death syndrome, which occurred often in the days of Rome.

Nero was one of the most corrupt and perverse Emperors to cross Rome, building an extravagant pleasure palace that had no rival. Labor was provided by forced and slave labor. The rich and/or well off were taxed heavily and most times to the point of everything they owned, then they were killed along with their families.

Make no mistake Nero by all accounts would of made a perfect liberal, democratic, socialist in our time. The comparison with Nero and today’s liberal, democratic, socialist is nothing less then uncanny.

While we have yet to see America burn, the comparison is still true. During the Watts riots in the 60’s we saw many stores and houses burnt to the ground. The L.A. riots during the 90’s saw fires all over the place. But nothing as of this time that could be likened to Rome during Nero’s reign.

Could a great fire that kills countless people and destroys billions of dollars of property happen in America? Yes it could if something dramatic happened to light the match, and the peoples were disarmed so they could not protect what is theirs, (commiefornia).

Could we see the heavy taxation of the rich and well off in America? Yes we can and we can see the desire to take from them in the very things our liberal, democratic, socialists are trying to do, and through the very words they spew forth with seemingly justifiable reasons they can create.

Could we see the execution of the rich/well off and their families? Not yet but as with anything fanatical liberals do it is possible. With the cat calls of the liberal, democratic, socialists in America to round up anyone who speaks out against them and/or can be accused of some form of hate speech this could be a clarion sign of the first step in mass murder of innocent American peoples. Kind of like the Jews during the socialist Hitler’s reign.

Will the liberal, democratic, socialists find something or someone to use as a scapegoat? They already do that if we just look at the anti-gun, anti-Christian, anti-right wing, anti-free speech rhetoric they pervert and spray out their cesspools for lips, one can see the use of an inanimate object and/or persons as our current day Nero’s scapegoat. Maybe just maybe it is not the object so much as it is the Second Amendment and/or the entire Bill of Rights that is actually the current day whipping boy of our Nero.

To clarify that our current day Nero is not an individual as was the Nero of Rome, but rather socialism which is more dangerous then a single individual sense it has many heads with many throats that would need to be cut to rid us of such a nasty beast. Though the socialists will say this is hate speech calling for the killing of their own kind, it is nothing more then a comparison.

During the reign of Nero in Rome if anyone spoke out against him or any of his laws they were quickly rounded up and executed. We can see the same desire with the socialists calling for the rounding up of anyone who uses some form of speech that the socialists want to call hate speech.

Just because I speak out against some form of treasoness policy, law, or person does not make it hate speech. Because I choose to not support or believe in a given political elitist does not make me a hate monger. Because I may choose to make a satire of a famous person does not make me a hate monger either. Regardless of what anyone wants to force me to believe I can and will hate and express it at my discretion and not yours. This is my right as a human being and you have only two choices. Like it or not you can, 1. STFU and go away or, 2. Shoot and kill, either way I don’t have to put up with you.

I am sure that we can find many more comparisons to Nero of Rome and our current day Nero of America, but in reality they are boring, not to mention full of dung up past their ears.