Thursday, May 28, 2009

No Guns for Negroes; A good 20 minute video

Or you can view the video at JPFO

War has been declared

With the pick of osamaobama’s Supreme Court choice (commissar sonia sotomayor), he has declared war on you, me, and our second amendment rights. This piece of want to be a Mexican shit has never been Pro-Second Amendment. She barely qualifies as a wetback. More like a socialist want to be (want to be a Mexican, want to be a black but can’t make up her mind.)

With the socialist bitch sprouting that she is more qualified because she is Porte Rican is nothing short of racist. OH yes others can be racists besides all white people. News flash for the dumb Asses in America, “being a racist has nothing to do with skin color.” If anything we should associate racism with the commiecrats sense it was they who supported slavery in the first place.

What in the fuck did I just say? Well if one was to read up on the history of our country, they would find that sense the founding of America, every time a territory wanted and applied for state hood and there was a republican as president they required the new states Constitution to have a provision forbidding slavery. When this happened a southern state would get all bent out of shape over it and recede from the union. Most every southern state were dominated and controlled by commiecrats or what was to become commiecrats depending on how far one is willing to go back in history.

It was not until around the middle of the 20th century that most of the racist groups like the KKK become republican. During the early years of America and up until after the civil war the northern states was predominantly republican. Not commiecrats as they would have everyone believe. More commiecrats presidents, and vice presidents owned slaves then their counter part the republicans did.

Ever sense Gun control reared its un-American ugly head, it has been the driving force deeply imbedded in racism. Mostly to prevent Blacks, Mexicans, Chinese, and Indians from owning or possessing any type of fire arm. And yes even today it has a racial over tone to it, and is spear headed by mostly commiecrats with a small percentage of republican communists thrown in for good measure. I do believe that the ratio is something like 60%-65% commiecrats are anti-gun and 35%-40% democrats are pro-gun. The republicans are almost opposite 35-40% anti gun and 60-65% Pro-gun.

We can attribute this trend to cross-breading between democrats and republicans someplace around early to middle of the 20th century and wah-law you have a socialist.