Saturday, August 1, 2009

Records being kept

GUNnympho said, “Dude... I could go to the local sheriffs dept and they could easily tell me how many guns i have registered in my name. Sure the depth of class three firearms and silencers is more in depth.... but the papers filled out at the dealer don’t just sit in a filling cabinet.”

This got me to thinking about something I read about just within the last few months, where a collage student was assigned to write and give a lecture about something that was a high profile issue in America now. So he picked the subject in support of guns on campus.

When giving his lecture he made no statement that could be construed as a threat, but his teacher reported him to school security and they whisked him into their office and grilled him like a common criminal. They also produced a list of guns he owned and demanded he tell them where they were, how they were stored, and other things about them that they had no need to know.

Now one might think well nothing here to be concerned about. But one should look at the fact that a collage campus security had a list of all the guns that he owned. Where did they get the list? From what I remember there was not enough time for them to go to each gun dealer and inquire about the purchased weapons by this person not to mention that school security is rent-a-cop with no authority to canvas any gun shop records.

A few years after the passing of the brady bill requiring a federal background check. I believe it was found that the governor of New Jersey was acquiring all weapons purchases information from the Background checks to keep and compile a national database with. I seem to remember some law suite I think by the NRA to put a stop to it and have the records destroyed. The case was won and this perpetrator of citizen disarmament was ordered to destroy the records and stop any further compiling of said lists.

Whether he complied or not I cannot say nor can I prove, but I tend to believe he did not. Here in Hardin county Kentucky the Sheriff was caught making his own files of people who applied for a CCWP, which is against state law. Legal action was brought against him; to stop and destroy all compiled records. Supposedly he complied but it is in question now sense my son applied and the Sheriff took 2 photos of him for the CCWP it is believed he is still compiling and keeping records of his own. A new legal action is about to be brought against him but he probably will blow this off as well. (Note) Only one photo is required for a CCWP here in Kentucky and sense the Sheriff was caught making the second photo for his record it is believed he is at it again.

I believe that some form of compiled records of what guns, who purchased them is being kept some place, possible on a local level or possible both federal and local. Can I prove it NO, but from these listed cases and some other things I have read about it leads me to believe it is possible.