Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yesterday there was no post

Sense it is my Range day I choose to go to the range for a while and take a rest from posting. Sense the weather has not been likeable for range time on mondays for a while I took the first opertunity and went.


H.R. 45 the first anti gun/anti rights bill of the year

Rep. Bobby Rush, 1st District, Illinois Congress, Even though not a osamaobama cabinet member is nothing short of a terrorist piece of shit. This pile of human waist is the former Black Panther leader and advocated socialism as our government not to mention the use of terror tactics as a way to achieve them.

He has found a new messiah to follow, the light worker. With his cool aid drinking blind followship of osamaobama he has introduced to Congress its first anti gun/anti rights bill of the year. H.R. 45 who would of thought it would of came from a fly infested shit hole from Illinois Surprise…surprise…surprise.

Or maybe not so surprising sense the shitcagoens are untrust worthy of looking at a gun let alone ever owning on. They are pulling on their own tally whackers to find a reason to stop you from owning them as well. Warning…this in no was depicts the rest of Illinois just the brain dead socialists that live in one of the many cesspools of change.