Monday, June 22, 2009

Socialist health care, "The Movie"

Just in the last 2 weeks we have heard and read a lot about the reforms the government wants to impose on us in health care. Some may think it good and some may thing it bad, but any forced compliance of the people to ad-hear to any new law regarding health care is nothing short of socialism.

This countries was not founded as a socialism, nor are we a socialism, and any attempt to pervert it to socialism is paramount to a declaration of war against the freedoms that we Americans have enjoyed sense our founding. Do not blame the American people who make a stand against forced socialism. It is our right to say fuck off you communist prick.

The government wants to force health care upon every citizen in America so they can fall in line with the socialist governments of the world. Some of the things they want to force on us are, a health plan that you cannot opt out of but must have regardless of ability or want to pay.

National data based health information of each and every person in the country, now just why do they need to do this? A doctor in New York has no need or business being able to access my health records. The government has no business knowing anything about my health needs.

Forced health maintance, where by a doctor and/or hospital can and will demand you live with in an approved life style. You will only be able to eat what they tell you, drink what they want you to drink, have sex when, where, and with whom they say, own what they feel you should own. Anything not approved by the government, doctor, and/or hospital will be deemed illegal and you may be arrested and imprisoned possibly without a trial.

Once a year or possible twice a year you will be required to report to the nearest hospital or assigned medical facility where you will under go a physical exam regardless if you want it or not. If they feel you need shots you will get them regardless if you really need it. This will include experimental drugs that may or may not be healthy for you. If you removed a splinter that was superficial in nature and they find out that you did, you could be arrested and grilled as to why you did it instead of going to the hospital and having a dick head there remove it.

To offer a health care plan where Americans can look at and decide if it is right for them is OK but to force any type of health care on a citizen should be met with force amounting to rebellion.

Let us not forget another important issue regarding forced health care, and that is who and how is this going to be paid for? As of the release of the congressional health care plan they had no idea how to pay for it, none what so ever. Suggestions that are being batted around right now are increasing taxes on everyone and everything. Some dub this as a sin tax because in their warped opinions you don’t need to eat tweekies.

There are deferent taxes they are hoping to institute in order to pay for this all. One being a tax on goods (sin tax) like fast food, cakes, candy, sodas, coffee, tobacco, booze, meat, and just about anything they consider bad for you. Of course the Doctors will deem these things bad and therefore illegal so you won’t be able to buy them anyway.

The other tax they are looking at is income tax, every two-bit politician says no new taxes but they never say that they will not raise the taxes you already pay. This along with the sin tax will probably be how the government tries to pay for it and I say tries. This will end like all other programs where they tax the shit out of Americans to pay for it. It will end up in the coffers of the government and in the pockets of the leaches. The real object here is to force Americans into being one of the highest tax paying countries in the world in order to pay for the worlds problems.

No nation with socialized health care has lower taxes unless they are third world countries where we already subsidize their costs through the world thieves (the U.N.). Another way they are thinking of for paying for this monstrosity is through the employer where every business must pay all the medical insurance and costs associated with health care, regardless if your employed with them or not. Now if I had a business and I was told I had to pay for others health care outside my employees I would just close down and lay everyone off and they could just collect unemployment and get some form of welfare medical.

Not one thought of cutting existing useless government programs was ever though of when the half wits in congress decided to put together this abortion of American freedoms. I still wander of we Americans are paying 50 million dollars a year to support inner-city youth midnight basketball programs. Well if we are then it needs to stop and that money put toward health care. Maybe we could stop paying the 50 million dollar give away the government gives each and every new congressman when they first enter office, supposedly for their state but many seem to all of a sudden started a family business of a consultant firm or some such leaching criminals where a large portion of that 50 million ends up in their families pockets.

I know…I know some of you will say we can cut the military budget because they are the biggest spenders of our money. Not quite so, the welfare programs consume the most money in our country, and as of right now it is followed by Homeland Insecurity. Then the military.

Some people are going to say all this is a little far fetched or ten hat stuff because none of it will happen. Now we need to back up some because part of the congressional proposed health care plan says you will be required to have it and if you refuse you can and will be arrested. Now just what are they going to do with someone they arrest for refusing to subjugate themselves to government health control? Well they could for one throw you in jail, fine you, re-educate you, confiscate everything you owned…oops sorry you won’t be able to own anything soon anyway.

Soon after the implementation of this socialist dictatorship type program, if you refuse to comply then you will be jailed without a trial because it is cut and dry violation of orders of your task masters in government. And what are you going to do about it? Nothing because you have no means to resist and fight back.

Now we come to where it concerns guns. A doctor has deemed personal weapons as a public health hazard and all private weapons are confiscated. Yes you gave them up for what ever reason you thought you should and I can say with all honesty that 97% of the American gun owners will lay down and submit to government dictatorship with little more then a whimper. Allowing your government socialist rulers like fienstein, palosi, boxer, klinton, (all the females with a dick and balls), and people like dood, shameer, waxman, dingell, and kirk (all the men with pussies) to tell you just what you need and want. For your own good because your little people and cannot make that choice for your self’s.

There are many more of these socialists in government then I list here, these are just the few who stand out right now.