Wednesday, March 25, 2009

mexican anti gun shit

The mexican government, some members of our own politburo, and the lamestream media would have you believe that 90% of all illegal weapons entering mexico are bought in the U.S.

What they are not telling you is that mexico has refused to allow any one from taking down the serial numbers of the weapons in question to establish where and who sold them to whom. The lamestream media has done its job of sucking up to half-baked socialists in the world with great gulps when spewing forth their shit laden anti gun/anti American rhetoric.

mexico’s agenda is not to stop the drug cartel or the flow of illegal drugs. But rather to stop Americans from being free. mexico has never been about rights of its people nor the rights of any other nation in this world. As long as the common mexican obeys the government, pays what ever tax they demand, and stfu the government does not care if they live or die, they never have.

Just a little tidbit of information here that the lamestream media is not telling you,

18,000 mexican military personal have deserted in the last few years. Taking with them the weapons they were issued to include hand grenades, along with other devices of destruction.

The Mexican military is supplied by our government with arms not the gun shops along the border.

Hand grenades, rocket launchers, M-203’s, heavy machine guns, and mortars are not sold nor supplied by gun shops and most must come from governments.

Many of the arms that are clamed to have been from American gun shops are suspected as being supplied from other South American countries.

Many Mexican police are in fact paid by the drug cartel and help add fuel to the misconceived anti American/anti gun hysteria.

There a lot more things the lamestream media is not telling you mostly because your little people and just don’t need the burden of the truth.