Saturday, January 10, 2009

osamaobama's cabinet #4

I tend to think that Eric Holder will be The worst enemy of Americans in the history of the American government. Once affirmed as U.S. Attorney General. He will be given broad powers to decide what types, calibers, functionality, cosmetic appearances, and capacities of weapons we may be allowed to own. This power will first come from the president as an executive order, which is law regardless of the Supreme Court. As a stopgap until formal laws can be instituted through Congress. (As the will of the people) and (for your own good).

He will establish a registration and licensing of all weapons and peoples owning them. He will sit up a harsh ammo-buying program where gun owners will have to register for each box of ammo, and each bullet will be serial numbered and accounted for in the box.

He will do this under the guise of we are still allowing you your rights as the Supreme Court says. But we are placing reasonable restrictions IAW the Supreme Court. Most of the banned weapons on his list will be semi-auto loading weapons at first. Sense he will class them as assault weapons and not needed to hunt with. Surprisingly or maybe not so surprisingly the first list he produces will look a hell of a lot like the list in the H.R.1022. Some bolt actions will be added to the list a little bit later, sense they are sniper rifles and we just don’t need that types of military weapons.

He will slip in the ban on armor piercing ammo, which he will proceed to list most of the common rounds used for hunting and long range target shooting. On his list of calibers he will ban will also include any size .30 cal and above. He will over ride any state law regarding carry concealed and forbid it all together except for LEA’s.

At first Holder will place in action laws requiring you to store all weapons in approved storage containers (gun safes) in your home. There will be a grandfather clause allowing you to keep what you got for the time being. But look for that to change within a year of his first ban going into effect.

In order to enforce this the president will give a broader power to the Gestapo (BATFU) to over see and insure that American slaves are in compliance and they will not need any warrants to open your door at home to enter anytime they please to check. After all if you’re a law-abiding citizen you have nothing to fear.

Holder is counted among one of the biggest pieces of shit on the face of the earth.