Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Socialist health care, the sequel

Something I left out in Socialist health care, “the movie”, is how the socialists in our country will get the vast majority of Americans to except this reason for supporting legalized abortion (socialist health care). That being the ministry of propaganda, in order to get the sheep in America to believing this is what America wants and needs.

Yes we do have a propaganda ministry, you may not recognize it as it is but should understand when it is explained to you.

Part of our propaganda ministry is the news media and probably the biggest part of it. Such news media as CNN (communist news network), NBC (national broadcast communists), CBS (communist broadcast service), and ABC (American broadcast communists), all have decided that anything they report is what Americans should believe and want without question by us surf’s. Not to mention their desire and attempts to close down free speech and free press or at least have free press ruled as exclusively theirs. Virtually stopping all other possible news surceases like Blogs, web sites, and basement printing presses. Anything to stop the free flow of thought, ideas, and speech other then what is approved by the government and/or authorized news medias.

Yes Margo the selfish authorized news media and authorized journalists have tried and still try to shut down these other surceases of news and proclaimed their self’s the only authorized and real news in America. Another attempt to shut the peoples up is what is called the fairness doctrine, or the fairness in media doctrine whichever title they want to stick to it. It alone will stifle free speech along with free thought, unless it is pre-approved by our glorious leaders.

Using such socialist ideas as making speech against something our government, politicians, and/or media and their ideologies as hate speech and thus illegal is just another way to say shut the fuck up and believe as we tell you to believe. The government is behind and supportive of this arm of the propaganda ministry, they have the most to gain and the most to loose, namely power, control, and money.

For way to long has our government and news media believed that they were all powerful, and having the rights above us slaves in America. Sighting some obscure passage that may of come right out of Linen’s own written works, or possible Mao Tsa Tong’s books, possibly from Hitler himself, as Constitutional proof of their royalist and right to dictate to free Americans.

Yes this does have to do with socialist health care because if no one can present an apposing side that is not pre-approved by our government then the government has managed its goal of keeping us in the dark. Therefore we Americans will just go about our daily government proscribed lives.

When the governing body in the U.S. invokes Lincoln it simply means get back to work and pay your dues. Most of the political leaches in our government that invoke Lincoln are democrats, and just why would a democrat invoke Lincoln when he was a republican.

Not to rain on the socialist’s parade but socialist health care is a European socialist concept and not American. We can even see just by the fact that this will be forced on us that its roots are deeply embedded in socialism.

One part of the socialist health care is the evaluation of the mental condition of said people everywhere. Any and all differing life styles, belief’s, and thought can and will be used as a deviate form of mental health problem. Which will make a qualifier for possessing, owning and buying weapons illegal. It is very likely that the mental health issue is a part of the whole package of socialist health care the government will require you to have.

If one thinks or acts outside the prescribed norm in the socialist medical community then you have a mental problem. This is just another way of control the government will lay on your sorry ass, and the propaganda ministry will use it to take more rights away from the peoples that they don’t want you to have.

If one were to look at the socialist health care in many countries you would see monstrosities that we Americans would normally never put up with. Such as Russia (former Soviet Union) where their health care was free but an assembly line like in a car manufacturing plant.

Patents needing cataract surgery were laid on a table side by side and a doctor set at the head. The patent and bed would roll to his position and he would do his little part in the surgery then the patent would roll to the next doctor where he would do his little part, and so on and so on until you were through the line then you were helped out of bed and told to return to work.

Well I am not a car to be worked on like a brainless manufacturing assembly line; so Russian type of socialist health care can go fuck its self. Then we have Indian socialist health care.

In India if a woman needed an abortion that is oft times put in a bed where a doctor would come to her and do the procedure right there without and anesthetic at all, no operating room, and no privacy. It is widely reported to be very painful and little or no attention was given her until she either bled to death or the medical staff told her it was time to go and she would be released.

Most socialist health care systems in the world is way over crowded to a point where no one really gets the personal attention like they do in our health care system right now. What our commerads in office want you to believe that this socialist health care is utopia and everyone will be a walking prime example of super human Americans, whom bows down to the enlightened that has led us into being subjects to Europe.

Just take a tour of the socialist health care facilities of the world and see what is in store for you if America goes the way of forced health care. Of course we won’t be operating on you in a mud hut like in some parts of Africa. After all we are civilized and modern, but then again we will be giving more money to other countries in order for them to be just like us, so there will be less for our needs. However we should have enough money to at the very least plant grass in the hut you will get your health care in.

When you come out of the socialist health care from the new assembly line operations you will have the option of having a GM, Chrysler, or Ford emblem tacked to your forehead at no charge to you.