Thursday, August 7, 2008

Homeland security.

Homeland security.

This reeks of a Nazi Germany’s Fatherland genera from a long time ago. If we compare the power of Homeland security of today and the Nazi Germany’s Fatherland genera of the past we can see they are not much deferent. Both assume to do these things for our own good. One might even compare them to the nanny state mentality, sense they all want to decide what, when, and with whom you can do anything. (All for your own good.)

The rules in Homeland security are vastly unconstitutional in that they not only invade ones privacy under the guise of for your own good, but they make everyone suspect and guilty until proven innocent. Not withstanding the issues and hassles one has to go through when they find that Homeland security has put them on a no fly list.

Ever wander why you cannot see the list of no fly? Or you find out your on it when you try and fly someplace to visit family. It amounts to a government control of the people, keeping you ignorant and subjugated. Why does a woman’s nipple rings constitute a threat? It doesn’t but in the eyes of the Gestapo they are reason to show off the power they have over a once free people.

How does one get placed on the no fly list? One can be placed on the list for a number of reasons, like having a friend who lives outside the U.S. whom you communicate with through email, phone, or letter writing. This is especially true when that person may live in a questionable country like Iran, Iraq, or some such country that the Fatherland security decides is an enemy of America.

Or one may be an outspoken proponent of the government control of free peoples. Maybe you expressed your support for private Gun ownership. You can bet your name is on the list if you have wrote anything disparaging the government for the issues of Fatherland security and posted it on the internet.

There are about 500,000 names on the list that we know of as of right now, give or take a few, that works out to 1 in 6 Americans are considered to be some form of a threat to the powers of the government. Next time your with your buddies in a bowling league have 6 of them stand next to each other and tell them that at least one of them standing there is on the terrorists watch list.

To no surprise of mine, even children are on the list. It may be because of smelly diapers that are offensive to the Fatherland security that they are added to the list. Or it could be that baby poop is a catalyst for bomb making during flight, so they want to protect Americans from the dreaded poop bomb that a one year old can make out of poop and baby wipes.

Do I believe that 9/11 was the work of the government? NO I don’t but the government was like a lady in waiting, standing ready for any reason that they could bully/shame the people into supporting. Most people just feared that they might end up on a flight with terrorists who are going to hijack a plane. So they believe that some governing body should be in control of security. Does this sound familure? (Kind of like a nanny mentality, let the government decide for you.)

Through the fear mongering of the government that uses fear to gain power over American citizens. We have seen many Gestapo tactics being used against the people without just cause, and what does the powers to be saying when it was a mistake? Some times they say sorry but we will not fix the damage we did to your home and/or family. Kind of like Nazi Germany when they were rounding up the Jews.