Monday, July 6, 2009

False arrest

While reading, and thinking about what may or may not happen with our government regarding the outlook of it turning socialist and un-American I came away with another impression. This being just as dangerous to the American people as anything else.

False arrest under the pretence of falsified information, say you are an outspoken appoint of osamaobama and his ill begotten socialists in our government (I don’t know anyone who would do this though) and they want to put a muzzle on you. All that is required is for someone to say you need to be shut up. The feds take the ball from there and with the aid of the socialist supporting news media you will be found to be anything from a child molester to an out right white supremacy and maybe everything else in between.

Never having done anything more then voice your opinion and beliefs. If you are not shot and killing in the raid to quite you, you will be jailed without bond possibly and this amounts to guilty until proven innocent. Most of us little people have not the money to hire a high priced lawyer let alone even a lawyer of any type to defend us. In essence we will go to jail regardless, effectively muzzling any opposition speech.

The ability to get a fair trial will be null sense the socialist news media has all but proven your guilt to the world and most people will believe them without a second thought. Along with the very liberal socialist judges in place already I just don’t feel comfortable with getting set free.

This being a very real threat to freedom loving Americans we now can invision a use for the 200+ concentration camps (that we don’t have in America). Like many dictators of the past and present many people who are considered opposition just simply disappear never to heard from again. This socialist dictator in office will be no deferent, it just may take him a second term in office before he gets real pissy toward our rights to free speech.

Though some may view this as tin hat stuff or just won’t happen, it has a surreal feel to it and should not be taken lightly. Most times we ourselves will simply see it happening right in front of our noses. We have become complacent in listening to the news media and saying to ourselves that they must of done something wrong, why else would they have 50 armed men in full tactical gear to arrest this one person and 5 black helicopters flying over head?

This makes me look back to such incidents as Waco, Ruby Ridge and wander. Not wanting to be a conspiracy theorist with regard to these two situations, but if memory serves me right the news media had already sliced and diced them to the public before the shooting started.

With every arrest of any suspected criminal we have the news media perching on the bandwagon about the virtues and need for his arrest. As I see and listen to them flap their mouths off of just how bad this guy is the last thing we hear from them is a sarcastic remark about them possibly being innocent until a court says deferent.
So why even extol the virtues of this persons arrest if you do not know his guilt nor can absolutely prove his involvement in the act you say he is? I would have to say that it boils down to a socialist view by the news media, which is to lend credence to their want for power over the tiny American slaves.