Sunday, January 18, 2009

Who is Iansa

Iansa is an acronym for The International Action Network on Small Arms, it is headed by the notorious Rebecca Peters whom some may remember as the driving force behind the handgun ban, confiscations and tighter restrictions instituted in Australia.

One can read about Rebecca Peters by clicking on her name, but I will give a short recap here. Rebecca Peters is a chairperson for the (Australian based) National Coalition for Gun Control. Before her involvement Rebecca Peters was a member of the Open Society Institute that was created by George Soros, the noted anti-gunner and financier of many anti-gun groups in America.

Iansa is the leading and driving force behind the anti-gun movement in the world. They are closely associated with the U.N. (United Nations). The U.N. maintains that it has no desire to attempt to outlaw gun ownership in any country. The question that must be asked here is, gun ownership for whom?

Iansa has made no bones about its stand on private gun ownership by American citizens. With groups supporting Iansa’s stance such as,

Amnesty International - USA
Coalition To Stop Gun Violence - USA (CSGV)
Firearm Injury Center - Medical College of Wisconsin
Franciscans International
Join Together
Legal Community Against Violence (LCAV)
Million Mom March / Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Barbara Frey (individual) This said anti-American has over looked the fact that many nations in the world already have in place strict gun control and all it has done is lead to human rights violations by there very government, to include Genocide in many nations. This link is about this slime bag un-American bitch, and her deceptive attempt to rid America of it’s right to own guns.
You can read all about Barbara Frey at the link below.

Here is a full list of Genocide committed and most all the nations had strict Gun laws preventing the citizens from owning guns for self-defiance.

These are but a few of the groups, originations and people who support Iansa with actions and monetary contributions. A few names missing on the list and that is known contributors to Iansa are George Soros and the Joyce Foundation

Iansa’s insistence on total disarmament of civilians in every country has vast repercussions in the arena of Genocide. Some of the countries were conducting Genocide before the creation of Iansa and they can hardly be blamed for something they were not around for. But if we take a close look at some of the countries that have impacted by Iansa’s direct work toward citizen disarmament we can see it has an effect of present and future Genocide.

Most of the nations conducting Genocide today and the citizen population restricted from owning weapons for personal protection are in Africa and South America. If Iansa has its way no country will have any private gun ownership except for personal security body guards, police and Military, But According to Iansa even these 3 groups will have to store their weapons in approved government storage facilities.

What does Iansa have to do with America? Well America is one of its main targets and as of 2007 North America (United States and Canada) has an 8% membership in Iansa. Of these members many are in semi important possessions, such as University Professors who influence and teach their own version of what we should be. I suspect even some of our state and federal legislature is also members. There are to many likenesses of anti gun policies between some of our people in our legislature and Iansa for it to be simple coincident.

Why would we have to worry about Iansa and the U.N.? Well this osamaobama administration is very U.N. friendly, anti gun, and the cabinet member who will head Americas representation in the U.N. is not friendly toward private gun ownership.
I may do some more on this group soon.