Thursday, January 15, 2009

Radical advocates of violence

In just the last 2 months I have read more stuff on where gun owners should draw the line and what they should do. Some open condemnations of people who are tired of it all and are ready to defend our right with force. Well I think about that condemnation a lot because it just does not seem right to condemn people who are tired of being told what they can and cannot do.

Not so very long ago we Americans would of taken up arms and put a stop to any attempts at usurping authority in government and leading us toward a world social-ism. Today I see less willing to give up their comforts of a lazy boy recliner, a six pack of bud light while watching the latest of American idiot I mean idol to fight something wrong in government. Now before you go off and say your not like that let me say I already know and some actually do their part as best as they can.

But this about something else but related in a way, acceptance of deadly force as a means of change. Back during the 60’s we saw the rise of many radical groups, and if we look further we can find then back in the 40’s and 50’s. Many of these groups advocated violence to achieve their desired results. The weatherman underground, black panthers, and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). These are but a few, and are a simple cross section of examples.

Now some or all of these groups, (if they have anyone left from the 60’s) will tell you that they were peaceful, but history does not bare them out on that. They openly advocated deadly force, which today we call terrorism to force their sense of warped views on the government and the people of this nation. What is really sad is that most Americans suck up to them and accepted their violence as the only way they could get their word across to the country.

Even today we see Americans excepting the advocates of violence and destruction as their leaders in our government, and/or as authority figures for Americans to follow. This is OK in their eyes sense they were fighting for their rights and place in society. Now if you or I advocate violence to protect our rights we are labeled as subversives, terrorists, and many other names they can think to call us.

We got people actually patting Bobby Rush on the back for submitting his anti American and anti rights gun bill to congress (H.R. 45.) For any that do not know who Bobby Rush is let me recap for you.

Founder of shitcago’s Black Panther Party in1967, this party advocated violence to force social-ism as the standard American government, strong supporters of the Second Amendment back then because they could arm themselves against the police powers. After the big fray in the 60’s was over the black panthers effectively melted into society. Some to resurface as political figures that will beside for you what they want you to believe.

Even though they have a known history of terrorism and calling for a social-ist government they are looked on as Heroes by far to many people. Bobby rush had no problem supporting the Second Amendment up until his 29 year old son was shot and killed in 1999, his son Huey was killed by a robber in front of their home in Oct. 1999, sense then Bobby Rush has been the poster child for gun control and citizen disarmament.

He like so many other place blame on the object and not the criminal in society. I think we can find another sad sack of shit just like this (Sarah Brady comes to mind). The bad part is Rush is not only a supporter of citizen control but a social-ist as well.

I would hope that many of us would write our reprecenitives and demand that they appose this piece of citizen control. I know I sure am, and not only the one from my district but everyone of them, along with my state which I will call for them to submit, support and pass a binding state law forbidding any outside attempts to subjugate the American citizens of their rights.

Maybe we could ban together as a gun rights advocacy group, we could call our selves FirearmsTalk for gun rights, or FirearmsTalk for the Second Amendment something like that and flood congress with official site letters/emails of protest or support of a bill. We simply post a vote and members vote to support or protest a bill then someone who is articulate and can use candor writes the letter/email to congress. We can also send an brief to courts asking them to appose or support something. We do have a rather large membership so it is not like a few just speaking out.