Wednesday, January 7, 2009

osamaobama’s Cabinet

Looking over the names of the members of osamaobama’s cabinet I see a lot of trouble in the near future for Gun Owners, and some rights in general. I will list them and explain why I feel this way.

President = osamaobama, well we know his stance on peoples rights to keep and bar arms. And that is you don’t have a right. All the way up to the Supreme Court ruling osamaobama was against any form of private gun ownership except for the elite and rich. Some of his early Dog doo-doo spewing forth from his mouth was such things as “total ban on all hand guns, assault weapons and large bore rifles.

These large bore rifles were any that had the power to penetrate a bullet proof vest of LEA’s which included just about ever rifle round that exists. He supported the complete ban on all semi-auto, pump action, and lever action weapons. The only thing he openly would allow us peasant to even come close to owning was single shot, double barreled, or bolt actions with limited capacity of rounds.

These weapons that the Messiah would allow us low life’s in his society would have to be kept in a Government armory. No not a Government approved storage container in your home, but a real Government Armory that would be placed at conspicuous points within a state and if you wanted to and could afford the ammo plus had the blessings of his majesty osamaobama could go there and check out the weapon, take it to the range and shoot it. This included any of the banned weapons that were owned prior to his ban taking place.

Not one weapon was to be kept in the home, and surly not on the person or in your car. You say But-But I can’t find any of this on his web site!!! So you must be wrong, because he said he supports the Second Amendment. No I am not wrong, and you cannot find any of this on his web site not sense the Heller decision. Nor can you find any video footage of the things he said to the news reporters on this same subject. That is because osamaobama is the messiah and has the power to make thing disappear just as he can do to you.

We will talk about this further tomorrow and start on hidenbiden.