Friday, June 26, 2009

Socialist health care, 3 (The attack of the truffles)

I believe his royal highness osamaobama would be more then pissed if he red this along with his but buddies in congress but sense they don’t read low life resistances I can say osamaobama go fuck your self.

With the advent of socialist health care in America the need for malpractice suits will go away. Under the guise of lessening the cost of the over all health care and sense you don’t pay for what you get there will be no need for the doctors and hospitals to be insured against bad medical practices.

The need for trained medical staff will actually go up because many doctors will just simply quite medicine. We will see many new doctors whose diplomas come right out of a cracker jacks box. With a the manual “how to be a doctor for dummies”, and you will sit on one of their tables where this doctor with a bag of plumbing tools instead of medical equipment will tend to you.

The socialist doctors will have pliers to remove a hangnail with, but don’t worry you don’t have to pay for it. They may use something like a hack saw to perform an operation where they need to cut you open, but don’t worry you don’t got to pay for it. Its free health care. Of course if your constipated the doctor has a plumbers snake to clear you out with at no charge to you.

All these fine tool that an aspiring doctor would ever want comes to them free along with their course “how to be a doctor for dummies” and a beautiful diploma that they can hang on their wall. All this for the price of socialism, but wait as an added bonus they will throw in a sub course of “how to be a dentists for dummies”.

Modeling our socialist health care after many other nations in the world we may just see something like mandatory Ti Chi being conducted in our neighborhoods each and every morning before you are off to the rice patties for your daily work. But don’t fret any, it is all a part of your free socialist health care that commissar osamaobama, and his cronies in Washington decided you needed.

It is possible that one may also see a daily reporting of just what you ate yesterday and how much exercise you got via the internet. You just might be required to submit this report each and every day so a doctor and/or hospital can see if you are keeping up with your orders for a life style they have choose for you.

Sense we will be a socialism and not the republic we were born of, there will be no need for religion anymore. Communism does not really have religions and the socialist health care is health care for the body, mind and spirit. I guess the reason we have legalized abortion is so the socialists could legally abort this republic and get away with it. But don’t worry its free with your forced socialist health care.

It is very possible that confessionals will be installed in each and every clinic and each hospital, so that you can confess before seeing the doctor. (Forgive me doctor for I have sinned, I ate an extra chocolate bar yesterday, and two truffles the day before.) My child you need to say two fuck Mary’s and run an extra half-mile, you are absolved of your sins go back to the rice patties.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Socialist health care, the sequel

Something I left out in Socialist health care, “the movie”, is how the socialists in our country will get the vast majority of Americans to except this reason for supporting legalized abortion (socialist health care). That being the ministry of propaganda, in order to get the sheep in America to believing this is what America wants and needs.

Yes we do have a propaganda ministry, you may not recognize it as it is but should understand when it is explained to you.

Part of our propaganda ministry is the news media and probably the biggest part of it. Such news media as CNN (communist news network), NBC (national broadcast communists), CBS (communist broadcast service), and ABC (American broadcast communists), all have decided that anything they report is what Americans should believe and want without question by us surf’s. Not to mention their desire and attempts to close down free speech and free press or at least have free press ruled as exclusively theirs. Virtually stopping all other possible news surceases like Blogs, web sites, and basement printing presses. Anything to stop the free flow of thought, ideas, and speech other then what is approved by the government and/or authorized news medias.

Yes Margo the selfish authorized news media and authorized journalists have tried and still try to shut down these other surceases of news and proclaimed their self’s the only authorized and real news in America. Another attempt to shut the peoples up is what is called the fairness doctrine, or the fairness in media doctrine whichever title they want to stick to it. It alone will stifle free speech along with free thought, unless it is pre-approved by our glorious leaders.

Using such socialist ideas as making speech against something our government, politicians, and/or media and their ideologies as hate speech and thus illegal is just another way to say shut the fuck up and believe as we tell you to believe. The government is behind and supportive of this arm of the propaganda ministry, they have the most to gain and the most to loose, namely power, control, and money.

For way to long has our government and news media believed that they were all powerful, and having the rights above us slaves in America. Sighting some obscure passage that may of come right out of Linen’s own written works, or possible Mao Tsa Tong’s books, possibly from Hitler himself, as Constitutional proof of their royalist and right to dictate to free Americans.

Yes this does have to do with socialist health care because if no one can present an apposing side that is not pre-approved by our government then the government has managed its goal of keeping us in the dark. Therefore we Americans will just go about our daily government proscribed lives.

When the governing body in the U.S. invokes Lincoln it simply means get back to work and pay your dues. Most of the political leaches in our government that invoke Lincoln are democrats, and just why would a democrat invoke Lincoln when he was a republican.

Not to rain on the socialist’s parade but socialist health care is a European socialist concept and not American. We can even see just by the fact that this will be forced on us that its roots are deeply embedded in socialism.

One part of the socialist health care is the evaluation of the mental condition of said people everywhere. Any and all differing life styles, belief’s, and thought can and will be used as a deviate form of mental health problem. Which will make a qualifier for possessing, owning and buying weapons illegal. It is very likely that the mental health issue is a part of the whole package of socialist health care the government will require you to have.

If one thinks or acts outside the prescribed norm in the socialist medical community then you have a mental problem. This is just another way of control the government will lay on your sorry ass, and the propaganda ministry will use it to take more rights away from the peoples that they don’t want you to have.

If one were to look at the socialist health care in many countries you would see monstrosities that we Americans would normally never put up with. Such as Russia (former Soviet Union) where their health care was free but an assembly line like in a car manufacturing plant.

Patents needing cataract surgery were laid on a table side by side and a doctor set at the head. The patent and bed would roll to his position and he would do his little part in the surgery then the patent would roll to the next doctor where he would do his little part, and so on and so on until you were through the line then you were helped out of bed and told to return to work.

Well I am not a car to be worked on like a brainless manufacturing assembly line; so Russian type of socialist health care can go fuck its self. Then we have Indian socialist health care.

In India if a woman needed an abortion that is oft times put in a bed where a doctor would come to her and do the procedure right there without and anesthetic at all, no operating room, and no privacy. It is widely reported to be very painful and little or no attention was given her until she either bled to death or the medical staff told her it was time to go and she would be released.

Most socialist health care systems in the world is way over crowded to a point where no one really gets the personal attention like they do in our health care system right now. What our commerads in office want you to believe that this socialist health care is utopia and everyone will be a walking prime example of super human Americans, whom bows down to the enlightened that has led us into being subjects to Europe.

Just take a tour of the socialist health care facilities of the world and see what is in store for you if America goes the way of forced health care. Of course we won’t be operating on you in a mud hut like in some parts of Africa. After all we are civilized and modern, but then again we will be giving more money to other countries in order for them to be just like us, so there will be less for our needs. However we should have enough money to at the very least plant grass in the hut you will get your health care in.

When you come out of the socialist health care from the new assembly line operations you will have the option of having a GM, Chrysler, or Ford emblem tacked to your forehead at no charge to you.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Socialist health care, "The Movie"

Just in the last 2 weeks we have heard and read a lot about the reforms the government wants to impose on us in health care. Some may think it good and some may thing it bad, but any forced compliance of the people to ad-hear to any new law regarding health care is nothing short of socialism.

This countries was not founded as a socialism, nor are we a socialism, and any attempt to pervert it to socialism is paramount to a declaration of war against the freedoms that we Americans have enjoyed sense our founding. Do not blame the American people who make a stand against forced socialism. It is our right to say fuck off you communist prick.

The government wants to force health care upon every citizen in America so they can fall in line with the socialist governments of the world. Some of the things they want to force on us are, a health plan that you cannot opt out of but must have regardless of ability or want to pay.

National data based health information of each and every person in the country, now just why do they need to do this? A doctor in New York has no need or business being able to access my health records. The government has no business knowing anything about my health needs.

Forced health maintance, where by a doctor and/or hospital can and will demand you live with in an approved life style. You will only be able to eat what they tell you, drink what they want you to drink, have sex when, where, and with whom they say, own what they feel you should own. Anything not approved by the government, doctor, and/or hospital will be deemed illegal and you may be arrested and imprisoned possibly without a trial.

Once a year or possible twice a year you will be required to report to the nearest hospital or assigned medical facility where you will under go a physical exam regardless if you want it or not. If they feel you need shots you will get them regardless if you really need it. This will include experimental drugs that may or may not be healthy for you. If you removed a splinter that was superficial in nature and they find out that you did, you could be arrested and grilled as to why you did it instead of going to the hospital and having a dick head there remove it.

To offer a health care plan where Americans can look at and decide if it is right for them is OK but to force any type of health care on a citizen should be met with force amounting to rebellion.

Let us not forget another important issue regarding forced health care, and that is who and how is this going to be paid for? As of the release of the congressional health care plan they had no idea how to pay for it, none what so ever. Suggestions that are being batted around right now are increasing taxes on everyone and everything. Some dub this as a sin tax because in their warped opinions you don’t need to eat tweekies.

There are deferent taxes they are hoping to institute in order to pay for this all. One being a tax on goods (sin tax) like fast food, cakes, candy, sodas, coffee, tobacco, booze, meat, and just about anything they consider bad for you. Of course the Doctors will deem these things bad and therefore illegal so you won’t be able to buy them anyway.

The other tax they are looking at is income tax, every two-bit politician says no new taxes but they never say that they will not raise the taxes you already pay. This along with the sin tax will probably be how the government tries to pay for it and I say tries. This will end like all other programs where they tax the shit out of Americans to pay for it. It will end up in the coffers of the government and in the pockets of the leaches. The real object here is to force Americans into being one of the highest tax paying countries in the world in order to pay for the worlds problems.

No nation with socialized health care has lower taxes unless they are third world countries where we already subsidize their costs through the world thieves (the U.N.). Another way they are thinking of for paying for this monstrosity is through the employer where every business must pay all the medical insurance and costs associated with health care, regardless if your employed with them or not. Now if I had a business and I was told I had to pay for others health care outside my employees I would just close down and lay everyone off and they could just collect unemployment and get some form of welfare medical.

Not one thought of cutting existing useless government programs was ever though of when the half wits in congress decided to put together this abortion of American freedoms. I still wander of we Americans are paying 50 million dollars a year to support inner-city youth midnight basketball programs. Well if we are then it needs to stop and that money put toward health care. Maybe we could stop paying the 50 million dollar give away the government gives each and every new congressman when they first enter office, supposedly for their state but many seem to all of a sudden started a family business of a consultant firm or some such leaching criminals where a large portion of that 50 million ends up in their families pockets.

I know…I know some of you will say we can cut the military budget because they are the biggest spenders of our money. Not quite so, the welfare programs consume the most money in our country, and as of right now it is followed by Homeland Insecurity. Then the military.

Some people are going to say all this is a little far fetched or ten hat stuff because none of it will happen. Now we need to back up some because part of the congressional proposed health care plan says you will be required to have it and if you refuse you can and will be arrested. Now just what are they going to do with someone they arrest for refusing to subjugate themselves to government health control? Well they could for one throw you in jail, fine you, re-educate you, confiscate everything you owned…oops sorry you won’t be able to own anything soon anyway.

Soon after the implementation of this socialist dictatorship type program, if you refuse to comply then you will be jailed without a trial because it is cut and dry violation of orders of your task masters in government. And what are you going to do about it? Nothing because you have no means to resist and fight back.

Now we come to where it concerns guns. A doctor has deemed personal weapons as a public health hazard and all private weapons are confiscated. Yes you gave them up for what ever reason you thought you should and I can say with all honesty that 97% of the American gun owners will lay down and submit to government dictatorship with little more then a whimper. Allowing your government socialist rulers like fienstein, palosi, boxer, klinton, (all the females with a dick and balls), and people like dood, shameer, waxman, dingell, and kirk (all the men with pussies) to tell you just what you need and want. For your own good because your little people and cannot make that choice for your self’s.

There are many more of these socialists in government then I list here, these are just the few who stand out right now.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beautify America

I was looking at some old and new programs such as Beautify America, which covers everything from, get a tattoo to drive your corvette to work day. So I was thinking of just how I could start a Beautify America program and just what would it be? It came to me like being struck by lightning.

My Beautify America campaign would be to deport every anti-gunner in this country to China, Cuba, or some place more fitting for the piece of shits socialists they are. Just take a look at.

billery klinton on second thought no don’t look at her you might be turned to stone. That medusas needs to be deported to some place like iraq where she could single handedly end that war just be turning the enemy to stone.

sarah brady, this cow pie for a face un-American bitch needs to be deported to Russia where she could be put to good use giving oral sex to Putin. Instead of shoving her penis up the keasters of the pro freedom loving Americans she so much hates.

carolyn (barrel shroud) mccarthy could drop a picket fence at 50 paces with her ugly looks not to mention the devastation she could cause from her ugly inside.

nancy pissoly I mean pelosi This cesspool faced bitch could scare the shit right out of a constipated ass, so she could be put to work relieving the colons of the Chinese that are all plugged up.

osamaobama with his big ears could replace dumbo the elephant at Disney; just make it the Disney in Europe instead of America. Where he would fit right in with the other ugly American haters.

diana feinstein is so ugly that when she goes to take a dump she does not know which end to stick on the toilet. So she would fit right in someplace like Venezuela.

Let us clean up and make America beautiful again so the real Americans can enjoy it for what it is. Make this July and each July the month of Beautify America month. Deport a socialist.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

House Dems unveil full coverage socialist plan

I wrote this yesterday and sent it to my Rep.

Under the article I just finished reading about the “House Dems unveil full coverage health plan

It says, “The plan would require individuals to get coverage and employers to contribute.” This sounds a lot like socialism and I am not a socialist so forcing me to obtain this coverage will just result in either you’re Government Shutting T.F.U. and going away or you can shoot and kill, either way I don’t got to put up with it and I won’t.

If it was made an option to have I might think about it but the Government has no authority to force me into any health care plan of theirs. This is paramount to declaring war on the freedoms to choose for our own self’s. This is one of the many things that really piss me off and I refuse to apologize for my language nor my anger at and toward the socialist state this administration is leading our once great country under the guise of for our own good.

I hope you realize that a hell of a lot of the American citizens are in fact mistrusting and hateful of this socialist Government and NO the government is not the country nor is anyone of the elite politicians that believe that they are rulers of us low life people. I can tell you now that I neither need nor want government controlling my life or me.

If you find offence in this e-mail I do not apologize for it. Sense you would be in support of a socialist country. If you do not find offence then there might just be hope for someone who will take up the mantel of freedom again. I got no qualms if you read this letter to the whole of congress and I hope you do.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

While Nero played his lyre as he watched Rome burn in 64 A.D. whispers of his involvement were circulating shortly after. Seemingly Nero needing something to draw attention away from him, so the creation of a scapegoat fell to the Christians and many were rounded up and burnt at the stake for nothing more then being the whipping boys of Nero.

Nero seemingly catered to the lower classes of people during his reign of terror or power, whichever way one wants to look at it. Being very popular among the less fortunate and the working class of people he enjoyed popularity and was likened to being a God among them.

This allowed him to get away with much that normally would of ended in a very short reign of power and sudden death syndrome, which occurred often in the days of Rome.

Nero was one of the most corrupt and perverse Emperors to cross Rome, building an extravagant pleasure palace that had no rival. Labor was provided by forced and slave labor. The rich and/or well off were taxed heavily and most times to the point of everything they owned, then they were killed along with their families.

Make no mistake Nero by all accounts would of made a perfect liberal, democratic, socialist in our time. The comparison with Nero and today’s liberal, democratic, socialist is nothing less then uncanny.

While we have yet to see America burn, the comparison is still true. During the Watts riots in the 60’s we saw many stores and houses burnt to the ground. The L.A. riots during the 90’s saw fires all over the place. But nothing as of this time that could be likened to Rome during Nero’s reign.

Could a great fire that kills countless people and destroys billions of dollars of property happen in America? Yes it could if something dramatic happened to light the match, and the peoples were disarmed so they could not protect what is theirs, (commiefornia).

Could we see the heavy taxation of the rich and well off in America? Yes we can and we can see the desire to take from them in the very things our liberal, democratic, socialists are trying to do, and through the very words they spew forth with seemingly justifiable reasons they can create.

Could we see the execution of the rich/well off and their families? Not yet but as with anything fanatical liberals do it is possible. With the cat calls of the liberal, democratic, socialists in America to round up anyone who speaks out against them and/or can be accused of some form of hate speech this could be a clarion sign of the first step in mass murder of innocent American peoples. Kind of like the Jews during the socialist Hitler’s reign.

Will the liberal, democratic, socialists find something or someone to use as a scapegoat? They already do that if we just look at the anti-gun, anti-Christian, anti-right wing, anti-free speech rhetoric they pervert and spray out their cesspools for lips, one can see the use of an inanimate object and/or persons as our current day Nero’s scapegoat. Maybe just maybe it is not the object so much as it is the Second Amendment and/or the entire Bill of Rights that is actually the current day whipping boy of our Nero.

To clarify that our current day Nero is not an individual as was the Nero of Rome, but rather socialism which is more dangerous then a single individual sense it has many heads with many throats that would need to be cut to rid us of such a nasty beast. Though the socialists will say this is hate speech calling for the killing of their own kind, it is nothing more then a comparison.

During the reign of Nero in Rome if anyone spoke out against him or any of his laws they were quickly rounded up and executed. We can see the same desire with the socialists calling for the rounding up of anyone who uses some form of speech that the socialists want to call hate speech.

Just because I speak out against some form of treasoness policy, law, or person does not make it hate speech. Because I choose to not support or believe in a given political elitist does not make me a hate monger. Because I may choose to make a satire of a famous person does not make me a hate monger either. Regardless of what anyone wants to force me to believe I can and will hate and express it at my discretion and not yours. This is my right as a human being and you have only two choices. Like it or not you can, 1. STFU and go away or, 2. Shoot and kill, either way I don’t have to put up with you.

I am sure that we can find many more comparisons to Nero of Rome and our current day Nero of America, but in reality they are boring, not to mention full of dung up past their ears.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"The Police Have the Power to Suspend Your Rights"

You can read the post here at this link...I would look for this to happen more often in other parts of the U.S. This is a way of controlling people and if they can demand and get the public to believe it and not make a stand, this will become the norm in almost every city in America. People of LA. don't let this shit head get away with it, and the rest of the U.S for that matter.

So says Shreveport, LA mayor Cedric Glover.Listen to Part A of Tom Gresham's "Gun Talk" for Sun, 14 June 2009, featuring guest Robert Baillio.

The page to access podcasts is here.

Then when you're done, you might consider telling Cedric what you think of his unique view of the social compact.

I would also advise everyone to contact the Governor of LA. and exspress their displeasure with this and ask him to look into it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Right Wing Extremists

Recently the DHS published a list of possible home grown terrorists, sighting such ridicules clames as Libertarians, returning Veterans from the iraq war, Republicans, people who are against abortion, people who are anti-illegal aliens, members of the Militias, and many more classes of people who just believe differently then the kool-aid drinking crowd.

The list has a very bad undertone to it, because it places almost every true American on the list of potential terrorists, making even speech against government policies and/or people a threat. Some place close to 40% of the listed groups are simply right wing believers. This is an indication of a true Nazi regime starting toward raring its ugly head.

If you really dig deep you can find that this trend is nothing more then a way to control the massive indigenes sheep in this country. By placing fear in their minds and harts. Liberals have and are behind this cesspool of demented thinking. When Raciest/terrorism is deeply imbedded in the liberals throughout our history.

The founder of the KKK was a democrat and democrats are liberals, most of the member of the KKK were democrats. Left leaning democrats are for the most part supporters of socialism; Hitler was a believer in socialism. This guy who killed a security guard in the Holocaust museum was a socialist not a right wing nut like some are trying to make everyone believe.

For the most part most democratic liberals are against free speech making them the actual terrorists in America. If you do not support the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as it is then you are a terrorists. The infamous Bobby Rush former leader of the terrorist group the Chicago Black Panthers wants to take away American rights lock stock and barrel making him a prominent terrorist and anti-American/freedom ass wipe.

The slime bags that wants to close down my web site and/or Blog because I don’t sing Kumbaya and hold hands with my glorious leader osamaobama are nothing more then terrorists. They would have me arrested and shipped by rail in cattle cars to re-educational camps for an attitude adjustment. (Execution by gas chamber sense it can handle more potential anti-socialists at a time.)

Let us just see whom this might be that would round us up and move us out. Maybe someone like Bonnie Erbe because I don’t suck up to her ass spewing anti-American beliefs. Could it maybe be Janet Reno? No wait she would just have you killed in your own home instead of waist money transporting you some place else.

Erbe is nothing more then wasted trash of the left leaning socialists in America that are dragging this country into another civil war that will rival all to of existed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

This Piece of shit Sonia Sotomayor is dead wrong in her belief and ruling that the 14th Amendment is not incorporated into the Second Amendment.

If you look at the history of the Second Amendment as being part of the Bill of Rights then you find that it is an individual right, sense the Bill of Rights was written for the individuals and restrictions of the government from restricting the rights listed there in.

If we look at Amendment 1 it tells us that Congress shall make no law, not the state. So this being a order to congress forbidding congress from making laws restricting religion, freedom of speech, the press; the right of the people peaceably to assemble, petition the Government for a redress of grievances. The First Amendment had to have the protection of the 14th Amendment along with other Amendments in order to keep states from instituting their own laws.

The Second Amendment; A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Nowhere in this Amendment are there any restrictions of just the Federal Government. Quite the contrary it alone applies to any and all governing bodies, local, county, State, and Federal. How can this be so one might ask? Well first it says the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. There is no mention of a restriction of a specific governing entity, but rather forbids any governing body from in acting infringements. Secondly the purpose was a well regulated Militia, and just what is a well regulated Militia?

Title 10, Subtitle A, Part 1, Chapter 13, Section 311 of the United States Code defines the Militia thusly: § 311. Militia: composition and classes

(a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

(b) The classes of the militia are—

(1) the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and

(2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.

This provides for the states to recognize and support (Non monetarily) a citizen Army to be called and directed by the Governor of each and every state. Which is not under the direction or authority of the Federal Government. The soul purpose of a Militia is to provide for the defense of the state, county, and city in which we live. There actions are governed by the Governor, then the sheriff, and lastly the chief of Police in their town. The Militia does not fall under the jurisdiction or authority of the federal Government in any way shape or form. To do so would make them just another federal controlled Army, and that is not the intent of each state to form its own Militias.

The National Guard was in the beginning an answer to the need for a Militia of the States, but as with most things the Federal Government usurped its authority and instituted authority and control over the National Guard. If you look the National Guard is under the Direction of the Governor, until the Federal Government has a need for them then they become a federal Army not covered by the Militia clause of the Second Amendment.

Contrary to miss conceived notions that the National Guard is the Militia among the Anti-freedom/anti-gunners the National Guard is National as it is stated in their name. The Militia is state only and is not subject to the powers of a corrupt federal Government.

As is provided by the laws governing the Militia one must be equipped with personal weapons and ammunitions that they must provide out of their own pockets. The State has no obligation to provide this along with other essensuals to the Militia. A State may if they feel the need and monetary fund permit can offer some supplies if the need arises.

Thusly we can see that the Militia as is referred to in the Second Amendment is a state formed and controlled entity. Making the Second Amendment applicable to the states as well and Federal Government.

In synopsis we can see that;
The second Amendment applies to the individual person in that it provides for the right of the people, not the right of the elite.

That the Militia as is referred to in the Second Amendment is made up of the individual person and they must provide their own arms and ammunition.

That the Militia is exclusively state Governed and at no time a part of any Federal body.
That the National guard is not the Militia because they can and are call upon by the Federal Government to be used outside the state and/or country to fight wars.

Now lastly a small part we have not covered; being necessary to the security of a free State. When referring to the individual State it was called the free State, or the several States. This was an implication of individuality among the State to be governed by such rule or law. Making the application of the Second Amendment a direct order against infringement by the State, and/or any Governing body regardless of whom it is.

The Second Amendment applies to any and all governments and need no 14th Amendment to protect it or incorporate it into the state. Sonia Sotomayor and her piece of shit collogues are dead wrong in their belief that the second Amendment does not apply to the State and the State/city can make their own laws restricting this God Given Right.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Spy In your hand

Don't talk: your cell phone may be eavesdropping. Thanks to recent developments in "spy phone" software, a do-it-yourself spook can now wirelessly transfer a wiretapping program to any mobile phone. The programs are inexpensive, and the transfer requires no special skill. The would-be spy needs to get his hands on your phone to press keys authorizing the download, but it takes just a few minutes—about the time needed to download a ringtone.

This new generation of -user-friendly spy-phone software has become widely available in the last year—and it confers stunning powers. The latest programs can silently turn on handset microphones even when no call is being made, allowing a spy to listen to voices in a room halfway around the world. Targets are none the wiser: neither call logs nor phone bills show records of the secretly transmitted data.

More than 200 companies sell spy-phone software online, at prices as low as $50 (a few programs cost more than $300). Vendors are loath to release sales figures. But some experts—private investigators and consultants in counter-wiretapping, computer-security software and telecommunications market research—claim that a surprising number of people carry a mobile that has been compromised, usually by a spouse, lover, parent or co-worker. Many employees, experts say, hope to discover a supervisor's dishonest dealings and tip off the top boss anonymously. Max Maiellaro, head of Agata Christie Investigation, a private-investigation firm in Milan, estimates that 3 percent of mobiles in France and Germany are tapped, and about 5 percent or so in Greece, Italy, Romania and Spain. James Atkinson, a spy-phone expert at Granite Island Group, a security consultancy in Gloucester, Massachusetts, puts the number of tapped phones in the U.S. at 3 percent. (These approximations do not take into account government wiretapping.) Even if these numbers are inflated, clearly many otherwise law-abiding citizens are willing to break wiretapping laws.

Spyware thrives on iPhones, BlackBerrys and other smart phones because they have ample processing power. In the United States, the spread of GSM networks, which are more vulnerable than older technologies, has also enlarged the pool of potential victims. Spyware being developed for law-enforcement agencies will accompany a text message and automatically install itself in the victim's phone when the message is opened, according to an Italian developer who declined to be identified. One worry is that the software will find its way into the hands of criminals.

The current predicament is partly the result of decisions by Apple, Microsoft and Research In Motion (producer of the BlackBerry) to open their phones to outside application-software developers, which created the opening for spyware. Antivirus and security programs developed for computers require too much processing power, even for smart phones. Although security programs are available for phones, by and large users haven't given the threat much thought. If the spying keeps spreading, that may change soon.