Monday, January 5, 2009

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

Been a lot of finger pointing, name-calling, foot stomping, temper tantrums, and blame with in the pro Gun community. This is leading the anti gunners into laughing fits, because it has divided us even further then we ever were. One side says we should use legal means to fight for our rights, the other side say they have had enough banding words and the time is now to act.

Well in a sense both are right and both are wrong. A point I would like to make here is that we have no clear cut rules for engagement that must be defined as to when, where, and how we will react. This is all being left up to our own interpretation as to how many violations we will endure and how we will handle it. Hell we cannot even agree on just what our rights are. Nor how we will defend them.

If we were smart we would be putting together a modern version of the Continental Congress on line and debating with the intent to put together a single document that the vast majority would agree with and support come hell or high water and this would be our guide as to the actions we would take.

A good start would be to create a board for the soul purpose of this debate. The boards will not be for discussing which weapon is best or what type of ammo should be used or anything like that. It would amount to a meeting of minds in forming a modern Continental congress. The Mod’s of the board must keep everything on topic, votes must be taken and all members should cast their vote.

At the least we should have 10 million members who are voicing their opinions. But we may have to settle for a few hundred. This should not be an argument and in fighting board and all opinions are as valid as any others. With a vote we can narrow down the rules.But all in all this meeting will have no ass unless the people are will to except and defend what is voted on by the majority.

Do we have any takers on this task?