Sunday, June 12, 2011

As a citizen of America just what do I expect from our government?

Federal government: To insure that reasonable treaties of commerce between friendly nations are running smoothly. To see to it that America has reasonable security, but not at the expense of the freedoms and rights of the citizens. To adhere to the laws of the Constitution as was written in the beginning. To keep government small and functional under the Constitution. To insure that the people are not burdened with excessive taxes and control spending of moneys that belongs to the people and not the government. To insure that laws apply equally among all Americans.

State government: To insure that the state and its people are secure of aggression from enemies foreign and domestic. To hold the federal government liable for violations of Constitutional law. To insure that free and unmolested commerce between citizens go smoothly. To fight for lower taxes of the peoples and goods. To maintain a very conservative spending of the Citizens tax dollars on necessary infrastructure. To insure that all peoples follow the Republic and not some half assed social-ist/communist dictatorship. To insure the right to work of all citizens. To remove excessive, unjust, and unconstitutional laws.

Local Government: To hold the state government accountable for violations of Constitutional law. To insure the citizens have a right to free commerce and trade. To insure that local needs are met. To keep law enforcement up to date on education, training, equipment, and pay. To provide for the general education of the children. To uphold the security of the peoples in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable search and seizure.

Law Enforcement: To uphold, protect, and defend, the Constitution first and foremost. To hold that all peoples are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. To be the friend of the public and not a supporter of a police state. To insure that the laws are fair among all the citizens. To insure some security from crime for the peoples, (the peoples must take responsibility for their own protection). To insure that the people have equal access to the means for self-preservation of property, self and family.

The citizen: To keep your fucking nose out of my business unless I am breaking the law. Hold all of the above’s feet to the fire. (Accountability of the government)


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project Gunwalker and giving credit where credit is due.

It has been quite a while sense I posted in my Blog so I thought I would post something.

Many of the Lamestream media for the last 3 months have avoided the story of Project Gunwalker. Of the one who have said something about it, they have put their usual Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell anti-gun spin, and yes even Fox News has avoided this issue like the plague.

I believe in giving credit where credit is due and it is due with interest to Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea, the real question is, will they get the proper recognition for their efforts? I really don’t think so because the Lamestream medias regard them as low life bloggers and not true Authorized Urnalists. If it was not for these two, other bloggers, and the hand full of ATF agents who saw the wrong the ATF was engaged in, the world would just be going about their lazy busyness of complacency.

The Lamestream media such as communist news network (CNN), MSNBC, ABC and many news rags like the New York slimes, would be telling you that you can only believe that the ATF is doing a great job of stifling the rights of free Americans, and that they need more money and manpower to further their Gestapo tactics against Law Abiding citizens. Of course this is all under the control of the Department of InJustice, which is controlled by Homeland Insecurity, who is under the thumb of osamaobama and his group of elite tyrants in government.

For years I have avoided many of these Lamestream medias due to their socialist leaning beliefs, and this included CBS. Sense CBS was willing to take on the issues of Project Gunwalker to the airwaves and I personally believe at great risk. They have moved up a few notches in my book of responsible news medias. Sheryl Attkisson not only did a great job of investigating, and reporting this scandal but she is dam nice to look at too. Though it took quite a while for CBS to get on this bandwagon, they did come through.

Other noted Bloggers such as David Workman and Kurk Hofmann, along with others that I just can not remember have aided in this story by helping to keep the ball rolling with their own columns in the Examiner. Many thanks to all who helped spread the word and to the ATF agents who risked everything to shed light on something I believe got out of hand in the upper ranks of oppressive task masters in government. Yes there are some good ATF agents with hart and soul to do the right thing, and many are not the enemy of the pro-gunners but only wish to keep the bad guys from reeking havoc on the innocent in society.