Friday, July 10, 2009

Amices brief from 34 states Attorney Generals

As of right now there are 34 signatures on the Amices brief from 34 states Attorney Generals supporting the incorporation of the 14th amendment into the 2nd Amendment. One might think this is a good thing sense if the Supreme Court rules in favor of incorporation it will make each state the same. But really think about it, like an anti-gunner and see if it sounds so great.

With an incorporation of the 14th Amendment into the 2nd Amendment you now have all states that must abide by federal law and if the anti-gunners can get federal law passed restricting some form of gun control then each state will have to comply. Where if it is not incorporated then a state can tell the federal government to shove it.

Also consider this, that the Attorney General of commiefornia Jerry Brown has signed this brief in support of incorporation. Do not be so fast to say that Jerry Brown is a pro-gunner sense he has control of what is a legal firearm in commiefornia. The list of banned guns in commiefornia is longer then my arm, as the saying goes. So if an anti-gunner like Jerry Brown is supporting the incorporation then something must be wrong. Let us also consider that the brady bunch also wants this ruling of incorporation.

Let us not forget that the Scotus ruling in the case of Heller vs. D.C. was not the win that was spewed forth by some semi-pro-gun groups. It left the door open for reasonable restrictions with out actually defining these restrictions and anyone can say a total ban of everything but a S&W .22lr. Pistol is reasonable. Licensing of gun owners and each weapon can be considered reasonable in many eyes of socialism. This will depend on how the rulers in our governments see it; little input from the actual public will be almost nil.

With the miss guided Scotus ruling already in place, this ruling may just be the thing the anti-American/anti-gunners are waiting for. Largely because of the left undone and said of the Scotus ruling in Heller vs. D.C. With the 2nd Amendment stating, “Shall not infringe” and this meaning is quite clear to even a moron, we still have infringement being forced on us all the time under the guise of reasonable restrictions, and for public safety.

I see no place in the 2nd Amendment the authority to restrict this right in any way, shape, or form by any governing body whether it be local, county, state, or federal. I see no authority to allow reasonable restrictions for any cause at all. The issue of public safety is largely used as a form of authority to restrict a right that is absolute, when public safety has nothing to do with it. Weapons account for far less deaths and injuries then does Automobiles and yet automobiles are not protected by the Constitution. Also they are not under the over zealous attacks by the socialists in America.

Doctors have nearly a 12 to 1 ratio of accidental deaths compared to accidental gun deaths every year. But we don’t see the socialists screaming about banning Doctors. Auto’s have a ratio of 2 to 1 but we don’t see the over zealous cry by the socialists for their outright ban. If the socialists can affect a total ban on private weapons then I believe that all forms of private transportation will become their next target.