Saturday, June 20, 2009

House Dems unveil full coverage socialist plan

I wrote this yesterday and sent it to my Rep.

Under the article I just finished reading about the “House Dems unveil full coverage health plan

It says, “The plan would require individuals to get coverage and employers to contribute.” This sounds a lot like socialism and I am not a socialist so forcing me to obtain this coverage will just result in either you’re Government Shutting T.F.U. and going away or you can shoot and kill, either way I don’t got to put up with it and I won’t.

If it was made an option to have I might think about it but the Government has no authority to force me into any health care plan of theirs. This is paramount to declaring war on the freedoms to choose for our own self’s. This is one of the many things that really piss me off and I refuse to apologize for my language nor my anger at and toward the socialist state this administration is leading our once great country under the guise of for our own good.

I hope you realize that a hell of a lot of the American citizens are in fact mistrusting and hateful of this socialist Government and NO the government is not the country nor is anyone of the elite politicians that believe that they are rulers of us low life people. I can tell you now that I neither need nor want government controlling my life or me.

If you find offence in this e-mail I do not apologize for it. Sense you would be in support of a socialist country. If you do not find offence then there might just be hope for someone who will take up the mantel of freedom again. I got no qualms if you read this letter to the whole of congress and I hope you do.