Monday, February 9, 2009

Replacing Judges in the Supreme Court may be sooner then we had hoped

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg As we know from the news reports has pancreatic cancer. This form of cancer is one of the most aggressive and most people do not survive it even with early detection. Now you might say “so what” well just for a heads up to the pro gun community, Ginsburg is 1 of the 4 that dissented against the Heller Decision last year.

Now this would be a reason to celebrate for gun owners under a normal American Administration and Congress. Sense osamaobama and his social-isl government are the new rulers of America and they are hell bent on creating a one world social-ism with a politburo as a governing body, we are still faced with nothing short of a far more communist leaning replacement for Ginsburg.

A few of the names that are popping up as replacements are David Ogden, Elena Kagan and Dawn Johnsen. Each has been appointed to offices in the osamaobama administration that is the stepping-stone for an appointment to the United States Supreme Court. All 3 of these POS’s are very far left and very anti gun, which is in line with the osamaobama agenda of world domination.

Ginsburg being a cancer survivor already makes her chances of survival less then a person who has never had it. Ginsburg is about as close as any have come to being a social-ist in our supreme court. But Ginsburg could be considered a true conservative compared to the 3 listed above.

Well this is just one judge who will only be replaced with another left leaning POS. No win no loss. Be very cautious because there are at least 2 others that are believed may retire in the next year or 2. If one is from the group that voted pro gun in the Heller case then we will be at a disadvantage when the next fight comes to the Supreme Court.

There are at least 2 cases right now that may just make the Supreme Court regarding our gun rights. Don’t look for them to be decided on for a while at least and this will put us at a disadvantage of time. If enough time passes then osamaobama will be able to appoint his commissars to the post and we free Americans will loose big time.