Thursday, May 13, 2010

No fly/No buy

It is real easy to yell rights violation when it is your rights being violated. But if it is someone that we don’t know then most people tend to be mum on voicing decent against any violation of rights. Just take a for instance the Time Square dumb ass I mean Bomber, Many are saying that we should forgo his rights to anything because he is a terrorist, others are harping on a no buy for people on the no fly list.

Some are trading some freedom for a little bit of self-perceived protection just to ease their minds. In the case of the Time Square bomber, he was not on the no fly list so he could fly; buy guns and ammo, along with other things. So just what good does taking rights away have to do with this guy. Nothing because he was legally entitled to all freedoms and rights that we all have.

Now that POS bloomberg wants to make anyone on the no fly list a criminal with out due process of law. Just so he can deny Second Amendment rights to another group of American citizens without just cause. Many on the no fly list are common names that match a lot of people. So by denying rights to anyone on that list it will deny innocent people their rights because they have the same name as someone who is a person of interests.

If you are a hard-core terrorist hoping for your 72 virgins, and you are not part of the no fly list then I guess you can get anything you want. This will make no deference to the outcome of your attempt to visit Allah in person. Unless bloomberg and his other sheep are proposing we should racial profile people to insure they are on the no fly/no buy list. That may have had some effect on the bomber if he was on the list to start with and it was a no fly/no buy list. Though he still could buy propane, gasoline, fertilizer, and other components for bomb making. He just would not of been able to buy a gun, which he did not use.

The soul purpose of the no fly/no buy list is to deny law abiding Citizens their rights to buy, own, and use firearms, nothing more. If you speak out against one or more of osamaobamas policies or maybe tend a Tea Party rally then by Homoland Insecurity you are a person of interest and can be placed on the no fly list. When you actually did nothing to even closely relate to the need for your name to be added to the list.

This list is so secret that even a judge has no authority to call forth the list to see who is on it, nor do they have to prove justification for putting your name on the list. If you file a suite all that Homoland Insecurity has to do is tell the judge that they have reasonable cause for your name to be on the list, without providing anything to the courts.

This list is a grave injustice to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, but the reason they get away with it is because the people will not stand up against it. A lot of sheep are saying well it is for the greater good, so we just have to put up with it, which is until they want to fly some place and find their names are on the list. Then we also have names that should be on the list are not like the known terrorist friend of osamaobama “ayers”. This POS can still fly anywhere he wants to and yet he is a known terrorist.

People need to get a set of balls and start flooding the legislature and white house with their disapproval of this injustice of American rights before it really is to late to do anything about it. If we allow any rights violations by this government then they will not stop and shall end up violating all rights of everyone who is not an elite.

The clock is ticking away and with every passing minute we see more violations of American rights. Soon it will be to late to stop the blood bath that is coming. The time to act is now not tomorrow. Pass this on to everyone you know and have them start writing those that believe they are our taskmasters. Make a stand for what is right and not for the elite slave owners (the government) in America.