Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Authorized Journalist and Authorized News agencies.

If Adolf Hitler had the same press coverage as osamaobama had during his campaign, we would be speaking German and goose-stepping starting 20 Jan 2009. I truly believe just from watching the Authorized Journalist/news agencies for the last 2 dam years that they were the one who elected osamaobama instead of the people.

What…OH yes the Authorized Journalist and Authorized News Agencies are the ones who feel that there is no valid news to be found in Blog’s, Message Boards, Forums, and Web Pages, and they feel that the only ones who should be Authorized to report the news they want you to hear is they themselves. Aka, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and yes even FOX news sometimes.

There was an attempt by a few of these news agencies a few years ago to stop all other possible news sources like Blogs, Forums ect. from posting anything sighting that only they were authorized and educated enough to report what the American Citizen should be told. I don’t think it went over well with the Judges sense we are still here, but I would keep an eye on this sense they have appointed our new leader for us and some in his staff are sure against free speech and press.

You ever notice how the news agencies bring experts into any thing they want you to believe? Did you notice that they were just about all white until osamaobama got elected then they miraculously found a whole shit pot full of Black Experts? Most times the experts the news brings in are not really experts on the subject at hand, some times they are called an expert because he happened to take a vacation in South Africa during Apartide and got to see a real shanty up close. Even though he has a degree in meteorology he is automatically an expert in sociology, race relations and apartide.

This brings me to another point it would seem that the Authorized Journalist should never be questioned in what and how they report, Sherman set the way back machine for a few years ago when an Authorized Journalist was reporting on the Iraq war and just how bad our Armed forces were treating the freedom fighters that came to Iraq to help it’s brother nation in its fight against the illegal invading American Army. It seems that he never left his Motel room during the whole time he was in Iraq, but yet gave very detailed accounts of the atrocities our troops were committing. He even interviewed an Al Qaeda leader that had been compelled to come to his room for the interview.

About the same time frame in another part of that shit hole over there, was a Authorized Reporter for I believe Riters that had Photographed an American Missal part that had not been completely destroyed in its detonation within a innocent village in Pakistani, when we shelled it. Well it was not a Missal part at all but seemed to be a Howitzer shall from some where close to a 155mm Howitzer. After further investigation of the shell by others and I even did some looking at it too. It was concluded with about a 95% certainty that it was a left over round from the Former Soviet Union occupation of Afghanistan.

Its color markings were not American, The metal band that actually adheres to the rifling in the Howitzer was steel and not brass as America uses, the size was closer to a 152mm round and not a 155. And at the time we were not operating in that area or even close to it, but there was a lot of activity in that immediate area and the village was even shelled back then during the Soviet Unions occupation of Afghanistan.

Sherman set the way back machine for a few years ahead …2008 A reporter for I believe it was NBC had reported on the atrocities of seal hunters during the seal hunt that happens off Newfoundland every year. Oh just how cruel the hunters were and the sight of the blood and carnage was beyond belief, never had she witnessed such a wholesale slaughter of precious life as this. Well it seems this Authorized Journalist had not witnessed it at all she wrote her piece of the slaughter and after math from the comforts of her apartment in N.Y. The only reason she got caught was because Canada had postponed the seal hunt for a few weeks. But she was right on time with her article.

There are way to many examples of Authorized Journalists and their supporting news groups reporting only one side of the story, and that is the side they want you to believe. We see it all the time in the pro gun community, it cannot be stupidity that they still call something an assault rifle when there has been so many people correct them on it. They are simply sensationalizing the news to sell not their news groups but rather their point of view. Many in the news groups we see on T.V. every day have an agenda and that agenda is to get people to fearing something so that it may be banned or restricted like personal owned weapons.

If you really want to know who owns America look into the news groups, if you want to know who owns the news agencies then just dig a little deeper. I’ll give you a hint on one news group who owns it and controls it. George Soros seems to come to mind. Don’t forget the news groups in America say the semi automatic rifle sprays thousands of rounds a minute, so you should believe then and get one to replace your garden hose with.