Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Victimization Syndrome

At this time I must mention and thank Sarah Thompson, M.D. For her wonderful observations and article on this same subject. Please take time to read it in its entirety here at this web site.http://www.jpfo.net/filegen-n-z/ragingagainstselfdefense.htm

I have come to the conclusion that the reasoning behind the anti gun movement is there identity with what I call Victimization Syndrome. Their need for being a victim out weighs rationality and clear thinking. Most of the anti gunners survive on being a victim, holding a view that the rest of society should also conform to, so as to allow a common ground that everyone becomes a victim because one is a victim.

The inept ability of the anti gunner to except that they alone are the victims requires them to seek ways for everyone to be a victim also. They feel infearor to anyone who can dimenstrate the ability to protect ones self’s.

The understanding of the approach the anti gunners use is, that no one should resist just gives them what they want and they will go away. Some studies show this to be true in only about 38% of the cases. The other 62% of the time more violence is inflicted on the victim. Sense the attitude of the perpetrator is that of domination over the submissive, the tendency to push their terror further oft times results in, abuse, out right assault, pain, and even death.

In contrast some studies show that resistance, armed or unarmed results in the perpetrator being chased off, subdued, and even killed, effectively stopping any aggression toward the victim. The ability of some to reverse the victim/perpetrator roll oft times enrages the very self same people who decry the Victimization Syndrome. There is no common ground for the self-inflicted victim to feel secure with, except self-imposed sympathy.

If one takes a close look at Sarah Brady you will see this self same attitude in her anti gun rhetoric. Being the victim through an act of aggression toward her Husband, who was shot in the head by John Hinckley Jr. during an assignation attempt of then President Reagan. Sarah Brady has campaigned for strict Victimization bills, where all ability of the person to defend their self’s would be taken away, leaving them as little more then play toy’s of the perpetrators. This Sarah Brady can identify with, (being a victim) with disdain of anyone’s ability to stop aggression on his or her own.

When confronted by self sufficient people who are capable of self defiance Sarah Brady tends to distort the truths associated with gun control to further her fear mongering, attempting to lead others into a victim state for her to use as a crutch in her own life. Each time Sarah Brady and/or Jim Brady her husband appear at a anti gun function they attempt to play on sympathy of Jim Brady being disabled by the Gun and does not place blame on the perpetrator himself.

This is a common attempt by most anti gunners and is seen as blame of an inanimate object, rather then the perpetrator of the crime. It is easer to blame something that cannot defend it’s self, then it is to place the blame where it belongs. Also showing support for the criminal, in that they have a close connection to the victim during and after the commission of a crime. The deep relationship with the criminal oft time results in lighter sentences and a desire for their release so they may inflict more pain and terror on other people.

We can see in other studies that violent crimes such as rape is not for sexual gratification but is associated with power, control, institution of fear and domination of the victim. Rape makes the victim feel a sense of helplessness, then shame, and later rage, where by they want to be identified as a victim in order to gainer sympathy from others. In the cases where the victim starts to learn to not become a victim they tend to learn to defend there self’s. They loose the desire for sympathy as a victim and realize that their own actions will be the factor in stopping the next assault.

A normal person would use being a victim as a tool to learn how to not become a victim, Learning some self defense movies, learning to shoot a hand gun, learning where and when to not go. There is an ever increasing desire of the non-victim to share sympathy with the victim, oft times drawing on the same fears as the victim they place blame on the gun when in fact knives account for a large number of items used on crime. There inability to recognize other insterments as valid tools for inflicting hurt and forcing the Victimization Syndrome on others amounts to fear of something perceived as powerful and having the ability to be used to gain an upper hand against the criminal there by making for less victims.

Just my observation