Saturday, January 17, 2009

No gloom and doom saying today

While today may not be a day of celebration for many in our country and especially gun owners who are faced with tough times with the incoming administration. It is nonetheless a day of calibration for me. My oldest Granddaughter turns 13 today and in this wonderful 13 years she has given me some of the most joyful memories of my life.

She has adamantly called her self a tween for the last 2 years, and now refers to herself as a teen. Graduation is always something to celebrate. Now just what does this have to do with guns, well sense she has decided she want to learn to hunt and shoot she will be getting her first .22 rifle and if all goes well next weekend she and I will be going to the range.

I would of got it for her a few years ago but she needed to make her decision as to when she was ready. Not only is gun ownership an important responsibility, hunting is as well. These decisions should never be taken lightly in life. We have talked about it a lot and she feels she is ready and I believe she is too.

Though I tend to think back to when she was little, and smile a lot at the things she said or did, I cannot keep her as a child for ever and knowing she is growing up and has to grow up. I try and make it a learning experience for her and myself.

If things work out well for me I will get her an overunder 20 gage some time this summer. For her graduation from Jr. High and teach her how to shoot skeet.