Monday, January 19, 2009

Here is my wish list for a bug out bag and why.

A camel pack with water (no reason needed)
3 day supplies of MRE’s if possible (no reason needed)
A medical kit that includes normal bandages, antiseptic, Alcohol swabs, adhesive Butterfly sutures and medical super glue (because most people cannot stick their selves with a needle to sow up a wound and most are squeamish of sticking others,) 90-day supply of needed medications.
One small to medium folding knife with sharpen stone, good skinning knife.
One all purpose tool it comes with a shovel head an axe head and a saw head they are changeable as is needed.
One extra pair of cloths, (long sleeve shirts) you can always make them into short sleeves, pair of socks x 2.
One pair long johns
One good coat
One good fire starter kit put together with, Waterproof matches, Bic lighter, flint and steel or its equivalent, plus a small amount of light tender that will light easily.
Rain poncho
Small lightweight 2 person tent if room permits.
One AR-7 with 200 rounds of ammo. (The AR-7 folds into the butt stock for easy storage and one can add a scope to it, The ammo is light weight and takes up little room)
100 feet +/- Para shoot cord
One to two space blankets. They are good for keeping the chill off you and if you attach then to the inside of your poncho they will help in thwarting some image scanning detection devices.
One roll of dark colored duct tape. (Be sure to tape up any metal that can cling, clang, or bang around making sounds you don’t need.)
Optional but desirable, small cooking pots and skillet, from a camping supply’s store. A few spices like salt, pepper.

Other options will depend on where I am going, how much room, and weight I still got, and what is there. Such as fishing line and hooks, if I am headed to a place where there is no place to fish I will not take one.

If a SHTF is just until normalcy of society can get back into operation this will keep you for the most part until it is OK to return to civilization.

If a SHTF is in the form of a civil war, mass insurrection, invasion by some foreign body, then the AR-7 will serve as a means to acquire better weapons more powerful for use, and to hunt small game.

This is all in one bag that would go with me everywhere I went. If a place does not allow personal weapons they won’t really know it is in the bag but if they would be inspecting bags I sure will not go there. Like the Mall, or courthouse, or anyplace that I cannot carry my weapon in.

Most people say they will head to the hills, but do you really know already where and how to safely get there? Do you know the quickest route that will not attract attention? Do you have enough fuel in your vehicle at all times to get to where you need to go? Where are you going to dump the automobile at if it is an armed aggression you are running away from then one would not want something as big as an auto where your making camp at. To easy to spot and detect, leave it someplace else, and go the rest of the way on foot.

Be sure to wipe any trail you leave behind, stay below any ridges or hill tops, your outline can be seen easily. I will not ware any type of clothing that can be miss construed as military in nature, if you headed to the hills ware clothing that is light brown or tan, make the colors miss match shirt darker then the pants or vice versa.

There are things I might add to my bug out bag, if weight permits. If I need to bug out I will be doing so in a hurry and taking 70 lbs of crap will slow you down. Avoid carrying a weapon openly if possible, should the armed aggression happen the military/police units will be watching from affair with some type of device, if they see some one walking in the woods unarmed they more then likely will leave you along. But if they see a military type weapon in your arms at the ready they will just simply send one 20mm round down range and then go collect the weapon.

I will have my .45 with me because I already carry it at all times so if I need to fire a few shots to get my ass out of trouble it is ready and hidden on me with easy access. This is just the way I look at it all.