Monday, May 10, 2010

What part of illegal do you not understand?

It is not illegal immigrant, but rather illegal alien. One does not immigrate illegally, this implies the lack of legal procedure, and/or respect for a countries laws. If one is immigrating then it implies going through the proper channels and laws to achieve the desired results.

If you are here in this country illegally then you are a lawbreaker and should be thrown in jail to serve time then deported. If you come here through legal channels and try to be legal then good, and I say more power to you.

The only way to stem the illegal tide of aliens is for them to get a backbone and arm themselves to take back their country. Once they remove the corruption then they can start to look for industry to help the unemployment. Instead of relying on handouts from other countries that go into the pockets of the elite, then they can start to use that money to rebuild their own country and make it something.

Just as with many countries though mexico is lazy and does not want to risk their own lives to secure freedom and safety. They would rather sponge off other countries and let someone else do the dirty work for them. If the American military formed up and rolled across the boarder to clean out the bad guys in mexico they would all cheer until it was done then they would demand us out of the country.

None of the illegal aliens would lift a finger to help secure their country, why should they? Sense they get free handouts here and don’t have to do anything but vote for the social-ists who will give them more.


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