Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do you Really support the Second Amendment Part 2

Rifled barrels = Actually dates as far back at the 15th century but was not really produced until the 18th century. Due to the complexities of producing the rifling. During the revolutionary war for independence we saw the first real use of rifled barrels in muskets. Where marksman (snipers) was given rifled barreled muskets to use against the enemy.

Flintlock = dates some place around 1635 where the need for faster and reliable firing of weapons had a need.

Percussion cap = 1842 where again the need for faster and more reliable firing of small arms was needed.

Metallic case cartridges = was introduced around 1845

Revolvers = has a related history dating as far back as 1597 with the revolving arquebus produced by Hans Stopler, but the real leader in advanced forearms design was Samuel Colt with his 1836 patented designed revolver which enjoyed a lot of new innovations over the years sense.

Lever action rifles = actually dates back to around 1848 but saw no real popularity until right around 1860

Semi automatic weapons = can be dated back to 1885 with Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher’s Model 85 semi automatic rifle which spurned other designs and innovations in shot guns, rifles, and handguns.

Full automatic weapons = Actually are dated back to 1862 and are directly related to the Gatling gun.

SURPRISE full Automatic weapons were never against the law for individual citizens to buy, own, and use and still are not against the law. Though in 1934 congress passed the National Firearms Act, effectively placing a tax on manufacturing and transfer of certain firearms and full auto weapons fell under this bogus attempt at restricting personal ownership.

Just what is this about you might be saying? Well it has to do with a train of belief in many circles where some people believe that our founders had no insight into the advancements of modern weapons. You see they were smart men, some were very educated, and most had the foresight to know that weapons would advance in function, design, and lethality.

At no time in our history until the 1934 was there any restrictions place on buying selling, owning, and/or using any small arms by the citizens of this country. I had a copy of and link to the actual minutes of the meeting in congress back in 1932 where they were trying to figure out how to ban ownership, and use of private owned weapons. The Unites States Attorney General then shot down ever conceived scam to ban guns for civilian ownership based on Constitutional grounds except the taxing of them under the interstate commerce clause. Which is technically not a ban but it gave the BATF the authority to deny you the tax stamp on certain weapons they felt one should not own.

Even at that meeting of congress in 1932 one of the reasons for the ban on private gun ownership was racist in nature, where one congressman stated and it is on record, that the worst thing we can do is to let a black man (ni_ _ _r) have a pistol and a bottle of whisky on a train.

Up until the usurping of the governments power over constitutional gun rights in 1934 one could order a full automatic Thompson sub-machine gun or even a BAR right from the Sears and Roebuck catalog and it would be mailed right to you. Many general stores had them on the shelf.

Most of the fears of gun ownership stem from the government fearful of the populist. They use any and all excuses to take from you a GOD given right, backed by our Bill of Rights. Hollywood is no friend to the Bill of Rights unless some restriction is directly placed on them but for the common citizen they support any attempt to deny you of something that was given by a higher authority then them, the government or mankind.

A lot of what we have today and basically sense the early 1900’s is a lack of belief in a GOD who granted us these rights. Where man is steadily renouncing even the thought of a higher being, who is more important and powerful then man himself, we are running into the train of thought that our Second Amendment rights was not granted by such a being but rather by the all powerful government and they can choose to take that right any time they want.


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